One Platform that Unifies Analytics, Data Science, and Process Automation


Transform your business with Analytic Process Automation

The Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform delivers end-to-end automation of analytics, machine learning, and data science processes; enabling the agility needed to accelerate digital transformation. With the Alteryx APA Platform you can automate processes, embed intelligent decisioning, and power your people to deliver faster, better business outcomes.



For one month we are offering our full product to you, for free, so that you can start solving immediately.




A unified platform for analytics, data science, process automation, autoML, and AI



Hundreds of ready-to-use automation building blocks that speed business outcomes and make upskilling easy


One of the largest and most open exchanges for learning and sharing of business outcomes


Proven business outcomes across 6,000+ customers and 36% of the Global 2000




80+ natively integrated data sources from Amazon to Oracle to Salesforce. Securely connect to an unlimited number of additional sources. If you can access the data, you can bring it into Alteryx and spend more time analyzing and less time searching.


Explore and connect data from on-prem databases, the cloud, and big or small data sets and more. Easily cleanse, prepare, and blend data from a variety of different sources with or without unique identifiers to deliver unified data profiles.


Leverage the power of the cloud with in-database tools that turn big data into big insights. Go beyond standard demographic data with behavioral and retail purchasing information to create an in-depth view and truly understand consumers. Enrich your analysis with maps, address solutions, drivetime capabilities, and a deeper understanding of your customers and locations - because everything happens somewhere.


Upskill your team’s analytic output with step-by-step guides and assisted modeling to build models without coding or analytics expertise. Gain insights and better answers by using data for complex analytical methods, from sentiment analysis on unstructured data to building complex R-based models with little-to-no coding skills. Activate the intelligence layer with advanced analytics, such as machine learning, to provide forward-looking insights.


Empower others to customize any analysis and make decisions with analytic apps. Share in a variety of formats such as writing back to the database or a bot or leveraging spreadsheets or an easy-to-consume report. Build once and automate forever. Effectively communicate answers and share them with stakeholders so they can take action, visualize outputs, or even create lightweight dashboards in Alteryx. Amplify human output and enable the perpetual upskilling of people with intelligent decisioning to deliver faster, better outcomes.

Analytic Process Automation places business outcomes first. The Alteryx APA Platform transforms business outcomes and workforces by quickly automating analytics and entire data-driven business processes that would otherwise require a myriad of tools and manual handoffs. The result: quick wins and fast returns on ROI that scale across your organization.





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Free Alteryx Trial

Alteryx Designer, One Month Trial For one month we are offering Alteryx Designer to you, for free, so you can start solving immediately.


Prep, Blend and Analyze All Your Data Using a Repeatable Workflow

Connect to and cleanse data from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets, and other sources

Easily join data from multiple sources

Perform analytics – predictive, statistical and spatial – using the same intuitive user interface

Deploy and Share Analytics at Scale

Operationalize your analytics by deploying production processes

Schedule and scale your analytic workflows

Publish analytic apps for customized insights

Deliver Deeper Insights in Hours, Not Weeks

Empower data analysts and line of business users to perform their own analytics

Rapidly process large volumes of data without writing any code

Output analytic results to all popular formats

Additional Alteryx Resources

WAM! Your Alteryx Governance, Maintenance, and Reporting Challenges are Solved

WAM! Your Alteryx Governance, Maintenance, and Reporting Challenges are Solved

Is your organization beginning to have challenges around managing your Alteryx workflows? How do you handle changes, like database, formulas, filters, and file names en mass? Is auditability a problem for Alteryx? Is scheduling on Gallery a bit of a black box? WAM provides answers to these questions and more with: A robust Reporting Module […]

Optimizing Supply Chain Analytics Using Alteryx & UiPath

Optimizing Supply Chain Analytics Using Alteryx & UiPath

  Worldwide supply chains have been rocked by:   Pandemics and wars  Severe weather events and changes  Port congestion, cargo delays, and container backlogs   Optimized supply chains generally have 15% overall costs, less than 50% inventory holdings, and a faster cash-to-cash cycle by nearly three times compared to under-optimized supply chains.   The challenges and realities supply […]

Unlocking Analytics from your Data Lake with Alteryx and Dremio

Unlocking Analytics from your Data Lake with Alteryx and Dremio

  As a result of the accelerated growth of data lakes, data teams have been forced to either build and maintain expensive and complex processes to make new sources of data available for use in proprietary data warehouses, or hinder access to analytics for all data consumers. In this webinar, learn how the Alteryx Analytic […]

Accelerating Month-End Close with Process Automation Using Alteryx and UiPath

Accelerating Month-End Close with Process Automation Using Alteryx and UiPath

Month-end close processes are some of the most critical but most dreaded processes within a company. Managers, executives, and investors rely on the reports to understand profitability and the results of their strategic efforts. Sales teams rely on monthly commission statements. Vital operations rely on invoices being paid and taxes being submitted on time to […]

Automate Your Next Audit with Alteryx and UiPath

Automate Your Next Audit with Alteryx and UiPath

Audit teams continue to be tasked with doing more work with fewer resources. Broken calculations and human error are common elements that take away from accuracy and completeness. Managing larger and larger amounts of data, often with more complexity than ever before, can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and unnerving. Audit teams come in many shapes and […]

Simplify and Accelerate Analytics with Alteryx Machine Learning

Simplify and Accelerate Analytics with Alteryx Machine Learning

Everyone talks about Machine Learning, but few companies have implemented successful projects. Many that jumped on the bandwagon found: They don’t have the data science staff to reach their goals. Machine learning technology is cumbersome and expensive. They lack the data needed or the data is too dirty to create a strong model. It is […]

6 Ways Alteryx Server Supercharges Your Alteryx Investment

6 Ways Alteryx Server Supercharges Your Alteryx Investment

 Let me guess – today you’re loving Alteryx.  It’s freed up time, automated manual tasks, improved accuracy, and provided numerous operational efficiencies. But you know that there’s more that you can do. We hear requests including: – How do I share workflows with my teammates? – How can the entire team/company use my workflows […]

Tax Professionals: How to Automate Reporting and Filings with Alteryx

Tax Professionals: How to Automate Reporting and Filings with Alteryx

Alteryx and Capitalize Analytics will be hosting a free, three-week series on Alteryx for Tax Professionals. Tax professionals are constantly required to pull “dirty” data from multiple systems and spend hundreds of hours in Excel manually preparing and blending the data for their tax analyses. This webinar series will teach you how to utilize Alteryx […]

Upskilling Your Team to Achieve Digital Transformation. Hands-on with Alteryx.

Upskilling Your Team to Achieve Digital Transformation. Hands-on with Alteryx.

This program will help companies and teams understand how digital transformation and process automation can be achieved using the Alteryx platform. We will start by giving managers and executives an overview of digital transformation and automation technologies, approaches, and examples. The subsequent sessions will help functional users explore the Alteryx platform and learn the basics […]

Accounting Automation – Minimizing Time-Consuming Spreadsheet Processes with Alteryx

Accounting Automation – Minimizing Time-Consuming Spreadsheet Processes with Alteryx

If you’re an accounting professional, chances are you’re living in slow and bulky spreadsheets every day.  Hours and hours spent inputting source files, manually combining disparate data sources, and manipulating and formatting spreadsheets to provide actionable insights is the world of an accountant.  And don’t forget to add the pressure of meeting fiscal deadlines with […]

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Frequently asked questions:

How do I find my license keys?

Your Alteryx Sales Representative will provide you with your license key directly or provide it to your company’s license administrator. Each license can be assigned to users up to the number of seats on that license. License administrators can reassign licenses after they’ve been used via the license administration page,

How do I install Alteryx Designer? 

  1. Go to
  2. If you have not registered with Alteryx before, select ‘Register here’ and enter your email address. You will receive a verification code in your inbox.
  3. Once you have verified your email address, you can complete the required fields in the registration form and select ‘Create’ to create an Alteryx account. This account will be used to access your license portal and download new updates for Alteryx in the future.
  4. Once you have registered for Alteryx, enter your license key:
  5. From ‘Product Downloads’, select ‘Alteryx Designer’.
  6. Select the most recent version from ‘New Versions’.
  7. Select either Admin or Non-Admin Alteryx Designer install file for download. If you’re not sure if you have administrator privileges on your computer, select the Non-Admin version. There are limited restrictions on the Non-Admin version and it can be updated in the future.
  8. After downloading, run the installation .exe and follow all prompts. The default installation locations will work for any new users.
  9. Once you’ve completed the installation, register your Designer with your email address and license key.

Where do I find upgrades and patches? 

As you use Alteryx Designer, you’ll receive a notification in Designer whenever a new version installation is available. Details about new versions are available online at If you’d like to upgrade, you can use the link in your Designer update notification or the Alteryx Downloads and Licenses Portal:

Reasons to upgrade:

  1. New tools/connections and updates to existing tools are released periodically.
  2. Additionally, updating to the latest version will ensure that you can run any workflows you receive and that you have the most recent fixes for any potential bugs.

How often should I expect patches and releases? 

Large version updates (2022.x) occur quarterly, with smaller sub-releases (2022.x.y) occurring between larger numbered versions. Smaller sub-releases focus primarily on bug-fixes and adjustments, while the large updates add new tools, connections options, and interface improvements.

Where can I find documentation? 

The Alteryx Help documentation is a detailed walk-through of the function and configuration for each Alteryx tool and can be accessed through the Alteryx website or within Designer. The Help menu on the menu bar has links to the Help documentation as well as pre-built workflows that illustrate business processes and introduce new tools.

Where can I go for training?

The Alteryx Community is a great place to start for new Alteryx users who want to learn how to build workflows in Designer. There are Learning Paths and Interactive Lessons that will walk new users through different categories of tools as well as opportunities for testing your skills with certification exams and weekly community challenges.

How do I put in a support ticket with Alteryx?

If you’re not finding an answer to your question in the forums on the Alteryx Community, you can use Alteryx Support. Within the Alteryx Support Page, you’ll find resolutions for other users’ submitted requests. If you have a question and don’t find an existing resolution, you can submit a case to Alteryx support and receive a direct response from Alteryx.

How can I get help from Capitalize?               

If you have more questions about your Alteryx license, would like some additional help getting started in Designer, or if you’re wondering how Capitalize can assist further, please contact our Alteryx team at

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Scaling Alteryx Server with User-Managed MongoDB

There are many advanced configurations available within Alteryx depending on the size and scale of the implementation. One important option for scaling, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery is user-managed MongoDB. For companies with small environments, user-managed MongoDB is probably overkill, but for those using Alteryx in a large, mission-critical environment, user-managed MongoDB is a best […]

Capitalize Tax Technology Lunch n’ Learn in New York City

Capitalize Analytics will host a lunch n’ learn event for tax and accounting professionals in the New York area on May 5, 2022.  Many tax professionals report spending so much time dealing with data preparation, that they don’t have the time to catch and resolve anomalies under their tight deadlines. Alteryx gives tax teams an […]

Can Alteryx Speed Up ERP Implementation?

Implementing systems, absorbing acquisitions, and peeling off divestitures is brutal!   Alteryx can help! Accessing, exporting, manipulating, and pushing data from one system’s format to a totally different system’s format is incredibly difficult. Layer in bad data, the desire to streamline your processes, and unique functionality available in the new system, and you have an epic […]

Alteryx Machine Learning Simplifies and Accelerates Analytics

Everyone talks about Machine Learning, but few companies have implemented successful projects. Many that jumped on the bandwagon found: They lack the data science staff to reach their goals. Machine learning technology is cumbersome and expensive. They lack the data needed or the data is too dirty to create a strong model. It is difficult […]

Automate Your Next Audit with Alteryx and UiPath

March 31st at 11 AM CDT WEBINAR Audit teams come in many shapes and sizes. Some have massive technical arms that support them and provide tools for analytics and automation. Many, however, are resource-strapped groups with high expectations and limited funding. Automation tools that help perform faster audits could be a lifeline that enables your […]

Accelerating Month-End Close with Process Automation

  Do you dread the month-end close processes within your company? Does your accounting team spend days, or even weeks, to complete reporting? You aren’t alone! The challenge is that behind the scenes, hundreds of small processes are happening, and they are all lumped into the simple phrase “month-end close,” and this process can take […]

Q&A: What is Alteryx Server?

Alteryx Free Trial Alteryx Training Alteryx Resources Alteryx Webinars Schedule a Demo What is Alteryx Server? | Why do I need Alteryx Server? | See how Alteryx Server is used in real example | Alteryx Server installation | Architecture behind Alteryx Server?              How to scale Alteryx Server? |Alteryx Server API or SDK? |Alteryx Licenses|   Before we get into the […]

Integrating ABBYY Vantage and Alteryx for End-to-End Automation

What is ABBY Vantage? ABBYY Vantage is a cloud-based platform that consumes documents and extracts data using OCR technology. Vantage can be used to process any document type; structured, semi-structured or unstructured. By defining and training document templates, users can quickly process documents into a usable data format.   Vantage Features There are prebuilt templates […]

What is Analytic Process Automation

Written by Alan Jacobson On any given day, you probably have a suite of analytic products, services, and tools to help you dive into your data. While they’re all great at what they do, they don’t automatically lead to insights that drive quick wins, fast ROI, and new business models. And that’s okay. Spreadsheets, Robotic […]

6 Ways Alteryx Server Supercharges Your Alteryx Investment

 Let me guess – today you’re loving Alteryx.  It’s freed up time, automated manual tasks, improved accuracy, and provided numerous operational efficiencies. But you know that there’s more that you can do. We hear requests including: – How do I share workflows with my teammates? – How can the entire team/company use my workflows […]

Tax Professionals: How to Automate Reporting and Filings with Alteryx

Alteryx and Capitalize Analytics will be hosting a free, three-week series on Alteryx for Tax Professionals. Tax professionals are constantly required to pull “dirty” data from multiple systems and spend hundreds of hours in Excel manually preparing and blending the data for their tax analyses. This webinar series will teach you how to utilize Alteryx […]

Alteryx and Dun & Bradstreet – Harnessing the Power of D&B Using Alteryx

Firmographic Data With the firmographic data package from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), Alteryx enables you to segment and target businesses and improve your return on marketing spend and outreach. Whether you are trying to optimize sales territories, identify the best places to hire sales and service personnel, or simply gain a better understanding of the […]

Alteryx and Power BI: How to Easily Push Content from Your Alteryx Workflows into Power BI

Overview With the Microsoft Power BI Output Tool, users can capture the power of Alteryx’s Analytical Processing Automation (“APA”) and Extract, Transform, and Load (“ETL”) capabilities and pair them with the immersive dashboards and reports generated in Microsoft Power BI. Transform your custom-built Alteryx Workflows into dynamic visualizations when posting to the Microsoft Power BI […]

Alteryx and Snowflake: Using the Snowflake Starter Kit

Get the Starter Kit First, be sure that you have the Alteryx Predictive Tools installed; instructions on how to install can be found here. Then click here to download the Snowflake Starter Kit and fill out the requested information; an executable file will download. (Before running the executable file, you must have the Alteryx Predictive […]

How to Become a Data-Driven Organization

You’re invited to our webinar, “How To Become a Data-Driven Organization” The verdict is in: Data-driven companies are outperforming their competition and the gap widened tremendously over the course of the pandemic. Though some trailblazing companies had a head start with years of digital transformation, other winners that emerged this year quickly adapted by embracing […]

Accounting: Automate Your AP Process with Alteryx and ABBYY

Working with Accounts Payable teams we find these common challenges: Vendor setup is manual, time-consuming, and error-prone. Every invoice looks different and must be treated differently for POs, cost centers, terms, etc. AP teams are inundated with repetitive tasks and cannot focus on strategic activities. The roots of these challenges? Many portions of the AP […]

Automating Tax Processes with Alteryx and Tableau

Tax professionals are tasked with diverse sources of tax data, constantly changing regulations and growing volumes of data.  And for most organizations, the “tax technology” used to address these challenges is spreadsheets.  While spreadsheets are amazing, they haven’t scaled with the ever-increasing tax requirements.  The result is that tax professionals spend an inordinate amount of […]

Announcement: Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) Product Launch

Capitalize Analytics is thrilled to announce the launch of Workflow Admin Manager (WAM)! This amazing tool will provide a variety of solutions to Alteryx administrative struggles for the Alteryx expert and the non-Alteryx user alike. It will be available on April 23rd 2021! What exactly does WAM do? Audit reporting with ease – WAM users will be able […]

Sales Operations: Removing Manual Processes with Alteryx

 Slide Deck Working with dozens of Sales Operations teams, we find the following common challenges: They struggle with manual processes that are time-consuming. It is difficult to repeat processes efficiently. Data accuracy and quality in sales CRM is a constant battle. It is very difficult to quickly answer the ever-changing questions from sales leadership. They […]

Using Alteryx to Push and Pull Data with Snowflake

Setting Up Snowflake Access this link to start a free trial of Snowflake. Upon activating a trail account, you will be prompted to select the cloud provider from either AWS, Azure, or Google. Once your account is created you will be able to create data warehouses, databases, and data tables and you can start loading […]

Foster a Data-driven Team with Alteryx and Snowflake

Digital workers across all departments in virtually every organization have been stuck in the same manual and monotonous processes for years. Meeting rigorous deadlines while being stretched too thin has inhibited their ability to upskill themselves and provide strategic value to their teams and missions. Worse still, it has caused them to dread their daily […]

Integrating UiPath RPA and Alteryx APA through Alteryx Activities Package

UiPath is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that allows users to configure a “robot” to copy and integrate human actions to execute manual, repetitive digital processes. UiPath provides easy, drag-and-drop interface to automate the steps of capturing data and manipulating applications – without making mistakes and at a fraction of cost and time. From business […]

Optimize Finance Operations and Reduce Bottlenecks with Alteryx and ABBYY

Digital transformation is a top priority for finance leaders.  Success improves visibility into cashflow and working capital, reduces transaction costs, and creates the foundation for driving long-term value. Sadly, only half of the transformation efforts will deliver sustainable ROI.  ABBYY Timeline and Alteryx help organizations analyze and visualize their business processes. By seeing every step, […]

Data Automation in the Office of Finance with Alteryx

Most finance organizations rely heavily on spreadsheets for data processing and management, resulting in excessive time spent on data preparation and formatting.  When financial organizations are empowered with Alteryx, manual processing is replaced with automation to free up time for analysis and critical thinking. Accounting – Accounting teams are stretched thin trying to analyze data […]

Integrate Alteryx and Snowflake 

Integrate Alteryx and Snowflake  Every company has large amounts of data that they need to store and analyze, but there can be many challenges in working with this data. Often the data is coming from different sources, is disorganized, and cannot be used immediately for analysis. Additionally, storing data requires significant system and resource management.  The good news – Alteryx and Snowflake can alleviate some of […]

Streamlining Internal Audit with Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA)

Internal auditors are tasked with dissecting and evaluating business processes across the enterprise, often requiring large amounts of data be acquired and analyzed. Increasingly, Internal Audit teams are being asked to do more audits, larger audits, and continuous audits, without expanding the size of their teams. Spreadsheets are cumbersome and error-prone, but many technologies like […]

Manage Your Time Series Data with Alteryx and ABBYY Timeline

Almost all companies have processes that are measured and tracked across timespans. The resulting time series data usually exists in large volumes and may detail complex processes which can be difficult to manage, visualize, and analyze. With Alteryx and ABBYY Timeline, users can quickly organize their data and get instant feedback on process performance. ABBYY […]

Automating Accounting, Tax, and Finance processes with Alteryx (APA) and UiPath (RPA)

Webinar Slide Deck Accounting, tax, and finance have some of the most data-intensive processes within any company. Revenue, expenses, forecasting, and reporting require numbers from every part of the organization. Getting everything together is difficult. Making sure those numbers are accurate and building reports to communicate them is even more complicated. Using Alteryx and UiPath […]

How can WAM help me with Change Control and Versioning on my Alteryx Workflows?

Keeping track of the changes made to your workflows can be difficult, especially as they are being developed and tested iteratively. Saving multiple copies of workflows can also be confusing and clutter workspaces, and it can be difficult to distinguish the differences between each version. For example, an analyst has been working on a very […]

How to Quickly Verify Alteryx Workflow Versions?

Since Alteryx is always improving, it is important to keep track of which version of Alteryx Designer your workflows were created in. Not doing so can lead to version compatibility errors when trying to open workflows on an older version of Alteryx than the workflow was created in, since tool configurations sometimes get updated. It […]

Pairing Alteryx (APA) and UiPath (RPA) for Fully Automated Processes!

Thursday, October 8, 2020 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Central Automation is taking the world by storm. We see it in every industry and every functional area within an organization. UiPath (RPA) and Alteryx (APA) allow departments across organizations to automate processes like: Accounting month-end close processes Purchasing supplier data gathering, analysis, and reordering Tax […]

Audit Reporting in WAM

Download Alteryx Files Here   Workflows can constantly be changing, whether due to new data being available, format changes, additional requests, or other circumstances. Additionally, not all Alteryx users have access to Designer and may not be able to see what goes on in the background The Audit Reporting feature of WAM allows users to create […]

Q&A: What is Alteryx?

Alteryx Free Trial Alteryx Training Alteryx Resources Alteryx Webinars Schedule a Demo Alteryx Server What is Alteryx? | What is Alteryx Used For? | Who Uses Alteryx? | Can Alteryx Replace Excel? | Why Should I Care? | Why is Capitalize So Jazzed About Alteryx? | What is Alteryx? Business Answer: Alteryx is a platform that allows companies to answer business questions quickly and efficiently. […]

RPA and Alteryx – Better Together for Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Alteryx’s Analytic Process Automation (APA) are amazing platforms for companies looking to automate manual, risky, and time-consuming processes. Our clients have begun to ask, “Which of these platforms should we invest in?” While RPA and APA (Alteryx) have some similarities, they solve different automation challenges. RPA does a fantastic job […]

Free Alteryx Training

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for free training to take your Alteryx skills to the next level! Over the next seven weeks, you will have the opportunity to register for classes covering everything from the basics to the advanced features in Alteryx, which are designed to get you to expert level in just a […]

Alteryx and Tableau Comparison – What is the Best Solution for my Organization? 

Clients ask us to help them choose between vendor solutions nearly every day. Once we dig into the organization’s challenges and existing technologies, we can help pretty quickly. We’re asked about Alteryx and Tableau frequently, so we’ve written up our findings to help you understand the two solutions better.  In the pages of analysis that follow, […]

Data technologies can be overwhelming. Join us on May 7th to see seven vendor solutions during a Technology Matters Marathon!

There are so many solutions focused on data challenges that it can be overwhelming to understand them all. Do you need: Self-Service? Data Visualization? Master Data Management? Data Governance? Data Cataloging? AI/ML? DataOps? Capitalize is working with the team at “Great Data Minds,” to put together a program that helps you get a feel for […]

Tax Automation: How bioMérieux is Enabling Collaboration with Alteryx

Watch James Leo, Senior Tax Manager – Direct Taxes with bioMérieux, a worldwide leader in the defense of the COVID-19 pandemic and Capitalize Analytics show how Tax teams are leveraging the power of Alteryx to collaborate in a virtual world. The current environment has changed the way business is conducted and supported, impacting processes and procedures. […]

Government Data Analytics – Driving Insights

April 30, 2020   12:00-1:00 pm CDT In government, the business community and citizens expect to harness insights derived from high quality data to improve service delivery, provide transparency and impact decision making.  Whether you’re in health, human services, education, transportation, or any other key agency, the challenge remains the same – an inability to turn vast amounts of data […]

How Workforce Analytics Can Empower HR Teams in Today’s Environment

With today’s current environment, Human Resource departments need to be more agile than ever. Company leaders have questions and HR needs to respond to those questions with timely and accurate data. Jessica Thomas, Workforce Analytics Subject Matter Expert with nearly seven years of HR Analytics experience, demonstrates how Alteryx and Tableau will empower you and your team to quickly […]


Workforce analytics is becoming a core component of digital Human Resourcing strategies. With the increase of real-time data and the use of technology, the need for advanced analytical skills is essential to a successful organization. More and more organizations are turning to Alteryx to deliver key metrics to leadership and align with business strategy. By […]


Tax departments must work with data from nearly every department of an organization. With very little control of the source data, tax teams must massage, prepare, blend, and analyze data in whatever format they are given. Many of our clients have found they spend so much time dealing with data preparation that they don’t have […]

Now Available On-Demand: Streamlining Financial Reporting in Government and Education Workshop

Public sector faces unique challenges in fulfilling financial reporting requirements, including adherence to standards, siloed data, shrinking budgets and growing public expectations. This Tableau and Alteryx workshop is for you if you are facing challenges such as: spending hours (or days) consolidating, cleansing and organizing data users demanding faster and better access to the data […]

Tips for Creating Data-Independent Workflows in Alteryx

Most of the time, you’ll start creating a workflow with a single data source (or set of sources) in mind. Therefore, you build your references, your row selections, your filters, etc. based on whichever data example you have on hand at that time. This will work great for that dataset and you’ll always be able […]

HR Workforce Analytics On-Demand Webinar Series

We recently held a series of HR Analytics workshops. All three weeks are now available On-Demand to watch and share here! Workforce Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Process Automation are incredibly hot topics right now. Alteryx is a solution built to help business and HR analysts increase their speed and efficiency without the need to rely […]

Feature Scaling with Alteryx and Python

Feature Scaling in Alteryx with Python Alteryx Analytics is the leading platform for self-service data analytics. It provides analysts with the unique ability to easily prep, blend, and analyze all their data using a repeatable workflow, then deploy and share analytics at scale for deeper insights in hours, not weeks. Python is a general-purpose programming […]

HR Workforce Analytics: Getting Started with Alteryx Designer – Three-Week Series

Workforce Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Process Automation are incredibly hot topics right now…but how does someone get started? Alteryx is a solution that was built from the ground up to help business and HR analysts increase their speed and efficiency without the need to go to IT. If you’re living your life running reports and […]

Tacos, Tequila & Analytics with Alteryx on August 14th in Houston!

Tacos y tequila are a fiesta in your mouth, but things really spice up when you add analytics to the party. Join us on August 14th from 5-8 PM CDT for an exclusive event at El Big Bad in Houston as we mix Tacos, Tequila, and Analytics to solve a common location intelligence challenge using […]

Workforce Analytics with Capitalize & NOV: Going Beyond Turnover with Alteryx & Tableau

Join Capitalize Analytics on Thursday, June 27, 2019 at 1:00 pm CDT for an exciting presentation with National Oilwell Varco’s HR Analytics team on how they’re using Alteryx & Tableau to overcome their challenges with applicant tracking, compensation management, and turnover. With over 38,000 employees in 673 locations in 65 countries with over 200 acquisitions, […]

Capitalize with Alteryx at the Inspire Conference!

Capitalize will attend Inspire, Alteryx’s annual user conference in Nashville, June 10 – 14, 2019 at the Gaylord Opryland Conference Center. Join us! Come connect and engage with industry peers. Hear from a community of data experts as they share groundbreaking insights in analytics Meet with industry rock stars to discuss how they disrupt the […]

Capitalize Analytics at the 2019 Texas Connection Consortium!

Capitalize Analytics will be in San Antonio, May 22-24, 2019 for the Texas Connection Consortium. Our subject matter experts will be in attendance to provide information on how to solve data challenges with tools like Alteryx, Cognos, and Tableau, to name a few. Stop by our exhibit table and join us for the following sessions […]

Upcoming Webinar: Analytics Roadmap to Unlock DoT Data

Join us for a free webinar to learn how Alteryx can help fuel transportation analytics! Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2019 Time: 11:00 AM CT Register HERE Tracking infrastructure investments, public safety, and expansion demand in a big data world has made DoT decision-making time-consuming and difficult. Growing data volumes, along with legacy systems and data […]

Capitalize Analytics at Houston Alteryx User Group Meeting

Join Capitalize Analytics for the Houston Alteryx User Group lunch & learn meeting! When: Thursday, May 16th from 11:30 – 1:00 PM CDT Where: 777 N Eldridge Pkwy, Suite 1100 Houston, TX 77079 Register: Here *Pizza will be provided!* Alteryx User Groups provide an opportunity to network, collaborate, master new skills, and learn from peers […]

Upcoming Alteryx Higher Education Webinar

Alteryx: How Higher Ed Institutions Nationwide Are Simplifying Data Access, Automating Processes, and Forging Ahead with Predictive Analytics! Higher education has so much data from the registrar’s office, admissions, financial aid, and institutional advancement, just to name a few. Alteryx helps institutions wrangle all this data by enabling higher ed departments and personnel to prep, […]

Alteryx Solution for Updating Workers’ Compensation Code on Employee Records

There are many times when we need to get large amounts of data into a system, but the front end of the application doesn’t provide a way to do it quickly. This creates a dilemma of how to get hundreds or thousands of items loaded, without doing it by hand, which could take days. Alteryx […]

Upcoming Live Webinar! Revolutionize Analytics for the Oil, Gas, and Energy Industries

Thursday, May 10th , 2018 at 1:00 pm CDT Join Alteryx and Capitalize Analytics as we take a deep dive into how self-service analytics, combined with a complete end-to-end platform, can revolutionize how people in the Oil, Gas, and Energy industries can use data to gain valuable insights. Walk away knowing how the right platform […]

Alteryx Key Components

We recently had the opportunity to provide an Alteryx demo to a large oil & gas company. The demo was focused on the ease of use of Alteryx while also showing many of the key components of the software.  This was coupled with an industry-specific example and a demonstration of predictive analytics. In this first […]

On Demand (recorded) Webinar! – Breaking Through the K12 Data Silos

This webinar was held on Wed, September 13th, 2017 All this data and all the movement IS overwhelming! How can we get data into our systems? How do we provide data to other systems? How do we blend data together from multiple systems? In most cases the answer is…manually using excel! In this webinar, we’ll […]

Alteryx Inspire Conference June 5-7th, 2017

Alteryx Inspire Conference June 5-7th, 2017 @ ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas. Alteryx Inspire 2017 user conference celebrated these iconic achievements, learned from peers, and pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with data. Armed with tools that make insights more accessible to everyone, we all have the power to become Icons of Analytics! Learn […]