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Data: A Major Struggle for Any Industry. Alteryx Can Help!

Alteryx Analytics is the leading platform for self-service data analytics. It provides analysts with the unique ability to easily prep, blend, and analyze all of their data using a repeatable workflow, then deploy and share analytics at scale for deeper insights in hours, not weeks. Alteryx empowers data analysts and line of business users in well over two thousand different organizations across a wide range of industries. From well recognized, global brands to small companies looking for competitive differentiation, analysts in these organizations are the modern heroes. They’ve earned a seat in the boardroom because they’re taking full advantage of the self-service data analytics capabilities in Alteryx, and delivering the deeper insights that help their companies make the best decisions.

Prep, Blend and Analyze All Your Data Using a Repeatable Workflow

Connect to and cleanse data from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets, and other sources

Easily join data from multiple sources

Perform analytics – predictive, statistical and spatial – using the same intuitive user interface

Deploy and Share Analytics at Scale

Operationalize your analytics by deploying production processes

Schedule and scale your analytic workflows

Publish analytic apps for customized insights

Deliver Deeper Insights in Hours, Not Weeks

Empower data analysts and line of business users to perform their own analytics

Rapidly process large volumes of data without writing any code

Output analytic results to all popular formats

Additional Alteryx Resources

Transforming Higher Ed Data into Insights with Alteryx and Arizona State University (ASU) – Webinar

Transforming Higher Ed Data into Insights with Alteryx and Arizona State University (ASU) – Webinar

With increased competition to recruit and retain students, shrinking budgets and expanding data for institutional research, higher ed is faced with a wide number of challenges. Leadership and analysts are tasked with making decisions based on data that is spread across multiple systems, databases and spreadsheets. What if there was a way to combine, clean […]

Streamlining Financial Reporting in Government and Education Workshop

Streamlining Financial Reporting in Government and Education Workshop

Watch Now Public sector faces unique challenges in fulfilling financial reporting requirements, including adherence to standards, siloed data, shrinking budgets and growing public expectations. This Tableau and Alteryx workshop is for you if you are facing challenges such as: spending hours (or days) consolidating, cleansing and organizing data users demanding faster and better access to […]

Getting Started with Alteryx Designer:<br/>  HR Workforce Analytics Three-Week Series<br/>

Getting Started with Alteryx Designer:
HR Workforce Analytics Three-Week Series

Week 1 of 3: Automating Excel Processes – From Hours to Seconds Thursday, August 8, 2019  at 1:00 PM CDT In our first session, we will bring data from two areas of our HR data sources, Employee Master Data and Training/Certifications. Our goal will be to quickly analyze thousands of employees, determine who has which […]

Workforce Analytics with Capitalize & NOV: Going Beyond Turnover with Alteryx & Tableau

Workforce Analytics with Capitalize & NOV: Going Beyond Turnover with Alteryx & Tableau

Watch this webinar for an exciting presentation with National Oilwell Varco’s HR Analytics team on how they’re using Alteryx & Tableau to achieve success. With over 38,000 employees in 673 locations in 65 countries with over 200 acquisitions, 21 business units, and more than 20 HR data sources, you could say NOV’s HR Analytics team […]

Analytics Roadmap to Unlock Department of Transportation Data

Analytics Roadmap to Unlock Department of Transportation Data

Analytics Roadmap to Unlock Department of Transportation Data Tracking infrastructure investments, public safety, and expansion demand in a big data world has made Department of Transportation decision-making time-consuming and difficult. Growing data volumes, along with legacy systems and data silos, often stand in the way of state and local departments harnessing the most value from […]

Alteryx: How Higher Ed Institutions Nationwide Are Simplifying Data Access, Automating Processes, and Forging Ahead with Predictive Analytics!

Higher education has so much data from the registrar’s office, admissions, financial aid, and institutional advancement, just to name a few. Alteryx helps institutions wrangle all this data by enabling higher ed departments and personnel to prep, blend, and analyze multiple data sources from across the university to help answer their most pressing questions and […]

Capitalize Oil & Energy Lunch n’ Learn WebEx 3-Week Series

Enjoy our 3-week Oil & Energy Series which shows how to launch your journey to self-service analytics. In this series, you’ll learn how to work in Alteryx Designer, easily transition from Excel columns and rows to repeatable workflows, best practices in prepping, parsing, and blending your data with Alteryx, followed by a dose of next-level […]

Week 1 of 3 – Applying Alteryx to Energy Specific Data Challenges

This shows the ability of Alteryx to take the daily data wrangling challenges and automates them to allow for more scalable initiatives Discuss joining multiple data files into a more complete data set for deeper analytics Discuss from a user perspective operational workflow and use cases Discover how Alteryx can help take your analytics to […]

Week 2 of 3 – How Alteryx Enables Predictive Analytics with SCADA/Time Series Data

Demonstrate the ability to ingest, clean and wrangle sensor data and build toward trend analysis and predictive modeling Discuss the Time Series and SCADA operational workflows and use cases Tackling the sensor data challenge Perform trend analysis and predicative analytics within the Alteryx platform

Week 3 of 3 – Adding Geospatial Components to your Data with Alteryx

Discuss operational methane gas leak detection and analysis use case Why Geospatial matters Demonstrate geospatial capabilities within Alteryx

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