Our Story

It all began when we saw the need to provide an inspired technical vision to customers and not just a software product. Our philosophy is that each and every client is unique, therefore the approach must be also. We don’t adhere to a “one size fits all” or a “blanket approach” to help you solve complex problems or make complex decisions. We are dedicated to forging a partnership and recommending the solution for your company that best fits your situation. Partner with one of the hottest growing BI companies around and take advantage of our tried-and-true customized approach and unique methodology.

Why Us?

Why Capitalize Consulting? Well, because we are rock stars, no, seriously, because we know how to implement individualized analytics solutions and deliver high-impact solutions that produce exceptional results. As a leading provider of Business Intelligence solutions and consulting services, we empower you to make better decisions – who wouldn’t want that? Bringing together industry knowledge and management best practices provide a winning combination for our clients. Every team member has been involved in large implementations or design and development projects and our seasoned partners work closely with your team to ensure that projects run smoothly.

What’s so Special About Us?

We understand that you are unique and so is your business. We bring a wealth of knowledge about the various solutions available for your industry and use only those that apply to your situation. Not to mention, we make implementing a business intelligence solution an enjoyable and productive experience! We understand how difficult change can be for your employees, organizational structure and daily operations so we collaborate with your senior leadership team, outline a strategy to effectively implement the needed changes and communicate with your staff to achieve early wins and continued cooperation. Our experience allows us to share solid advice and alternatives to improve your processes.

Why wait, contact one of our Business Intelligence rock stars today!