Advanced Analytics - What’s Hiding in Your Data?

Capitalize Analytics helps organizations radically change the way they make decisions. Using cutting-edge analytics solutions, we uncover, discover, and extract what’s hidden in your data, so you can understand that data, and make informed decisions to improve performance. We focus on providing a complete analytics solution that allows users to get their hands on the right data, at the right time. We can help acquire, prep, blend, analyze, predict, and visualize your data and results immediately.

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Automating Alteryx Workflow Documentation Using AiDIN and WAM 

Things we know: Documentation is a drag (documenting Alteryx Workflows included). Documentation is difficult to keep up-to-date. Solutions we’ll discuss in this article/video: Altery...

Navigating Marketing Budget Allocation Challenges with Alteryx Optimization

Allocating marketing budgets is a task that many businesses grapple with. From startups to established corporations, organizations often find it difficult to distribute their budgets across various ma...

Supercharging Power BI: Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT for Advanced Data Visualization and Analysis 

Mashup Code + ChatGPT In this video, we will see how we can use ChatGPT to analyze and document applied steps in the Power Query Editor. By copying the Mashup code and pasting it into ChatGPT, you ...