UiPath is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool that enables users across numerous industries to automate and streamline logic-based tasks, which allows an organization’s workforce to spend their time more efficiently. With UiPath, tedious tasks can be programmed and performed at a much faster rate compared to manual performance.

UiPath allows the process creator to choose between a Studio, Studio Pro, or StudioX profile. A Studio Pro profile is best for advanced users, whereas StudioX enables users with little to no coding experience to create automation tasks. A Studio profile is a great middle ground between the two, allowing for advanced automation processes while boasting a comprehensive and user-friendly interface.

UiPath tasks are created within a “process.” Each process contains the steps necessary to complete the task and can be reused and executed on demand. Such tasks may include scraping the text from a PDF document, saving attachments from an email to a specified location, moving files from a source folder to a target folder, or filling out forms based on data stored in a .csv. A process creator can write the steps for the process by using the “Activities” section. This allows the process creator to easily scroll through and select the necessary actions, such as opening a browser window or using a message box to alert the process runner. Once an action is selected, it can be added to the canvas to start the process.

Process creators can create a process from scratch by using the activity window, or they can perform a process manually and use one of the four recorders available within UiPath to generate the process automatically. The four recorders include Basic, Desktop, Web, and Citrix recorders. While each recorder has a specified purpose, they can all be used to record the actions of a process creator for future use. Recorders analyze things such as windows used and actions performed (like left clicking and typing) in order to create the associated process. After the task has been recorded, the process even displays snapshots of each action taken, which makes each step easier to digest. For example, below is a screenshot of a process that types “Project Notes” into a notepad and changes the font style.

After completing a process, the workflow can be published to Orchestrator. Orchestrator is a web application that allows you to monitor the robots responsible for executing each task. Orchestrator also generates informative charts and statistics based on process and robot performance.

Together, UiPath Studio and Orchestrator are enabling businesses everywhere to spend their time on meaningful, value adding tasks by allowing robots to take care of the rest.

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