No matter what systems you have or how many reports you’ve written, you’re likely one email away from someone asking for something you don’t have today. You may need to compare data across systems, create a highly formatted report that goes out to internal or external clients, or pull data in from a difficult web service. 

We help clients with custom report development under circumstances including: 

  1. The current process for getting the data is manual or error prone 
  2. Complex data and formatting requirements 
  3. Limited internal skill or resources available with specific reporting tools 
  4. Report performance is slow and unacceptable 
  5. It just needs to get done! 

We create complex reports from many data sources, speed up reports that previously took hours to run, and automate processes that once required someone to copy and paste in Excel for hours. 

If you have a current report that’s a bear, or if you need a report but just don’t know how it can be done, let’s come up with a custom reporting solution together. 

Reporting is a necessity for every organization. Management and staff require information quickly and accurately to make informed decisions. Let’s make technology work for you! Contact Capitalize Consulting for reporting solutions that meet your unique needs.