Quickly Modify your Alteryx Workflow File Names or Change Locations with a Few Clicks

One of the main draws of Alteryx is the ability to use a workflow over and over again – simply make sure that the input and output tools are pointing to the right place. Relative paths make this easy if your data always has the same name or sheet name; …

Managing, auditing, and editing large numbers of Alteryx workflows with Workflow Admin Manager (WAM).

We can all agree, Alteryx has created some fantastic processes for our organizations, and user adoption is amazing. A lot of use creates a lot of content, and some new challenges arise.

  1. How do you manage dozens or hundreds of workflows?
  2. How can you search and update hundreds of workflows

Quickly Identify Alteryx Version on All of your Workflows Simultaneously Using WAM Overview Report 

Alteryx Problem Addressed: Alteryx Version Compatibility 

When collaborating with other Alteryx developers in Alteryx Designer, you can run into issues regarding workflow version compatibility. Since Alteryx Designer is not backwards compatible, an error occurs anytime you try to open a workflow that was created in a version

Audit Reporting in WAM

Download Alteryx Files Here

Workflows can be constantly changing, whether due to new data being available, format changes, additional requests, or other circumstances. Additionally, not all Alteryx users have access to Designer and may not be able to see what goes on in the background if all they can do …

Capitalize Consulting Announces New Office in Denver, CO

Capitalize Consulting, a leader in data analytic software implementation and training, is announcing a new office opening in August 2020 in the Cherry Creek area of Denver, CO. The expansion will further Capitalize’s goals of cultivating more talent and extending the reach of their vendor partners.

“Capitalize is looking to …

Workforce Analytics – Returning to Work in a COVID-19 World

July 22, 2020  12:00-1:00 pm CDT

With State and Local governments opening up and allowing firms to return to their offices, it is critical that firm leadership have the necessary information to begin reopening offices in a safe and efficient manner.

Join Capitalize Analytics and Tableau on Wednesday, July 22…

Q&A: What is Alteryx?


Alteryx Free Trial Alteryx Training

What is Alteryx?

Business Answer

Alteryx is a platform that allows companies to answer business questions quickly and efficiently. The platform can be used as a major building block in a digital transformation or automation initiative. Alteryx allows teams to build processes in …

RPA and Alteryx – Better Together for Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Alteryx’s Analytic Process Automation (APA) are amazing platforms for companies looking to automate manual, risky, and time-consuming processes. Our clients have begun to ask, “Which of these platforms should we invest in?” While RPA and APA (Alteryx) have some similarities, they solve different automation challenges.…

Free Alteryx Training

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for free training to take your Alteryx skills to the next level!

Over the next seven weeks, you will have the opportunity to register for classes covering everything from the basics to the advanced features in Alteryx, which are designed to get you to …

Tableau K12 Webinar: Adapting and Transforming with El Paso ISD

In the wake of COVID-19, the K12 landscape is changing rapidly and dynamically. Distance and virtual learning have come to the forefront of ensuring student achievement while maintaining public safety.


Please join Capitalize Consulting, Tableau, and El Paso ISD to see and hear how EPISD has strategically used …