Upcoming Webinar: Data Modernization 2.0 – Making it Real

Tuesday, July 20, 2021 at 11:00 am CDT.

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Following our webinar on The Path to Data Modernization, Capitalize worked with the leadership of several clients on their journey to data modernization and to become a data-driven organization.

If you missed our webinar, the recording can be found here:…

Accounting: Automate Your AP Process with Alteryx and ABBYY

Working with Accounts Payable teams we find these common challenges:

  • Vendor setup is manual, time consuming, and error prone.
  • Every invoice looks different and must be treated differently for POs, cost centers, terms, etc.
  • AP teams are inundated with repetitive tasks and cannot focus on strategic activities.

The roots of …

Automating Tax Processes with Alteryx and Tableau

Tax professionals are tasked with diverse sources of tax data, constantly changing regulations and growing volumes of data.  And for most organizations, the “tax technology” used to address these challenges is spreadsheets.  While spreadsheets are amazing, they haven’t scaled with the ever-increasing tax requirements.  The result is that tax professionals …

Announcement: Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) Product Launch

Capitalize Analytics is thrilled to announce the launch of Workflow Admin Manager (WAM)This amazing tool will provide a variety of solutions to Alteryx administrative struggles for the Alteryx expert and the non-Alteryx user alike. It will be available on April 23rd 2021!

What exactly does WAM do?


Sales Operations: Removing Manual Processes with Alteryx

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Working with dozens of Sales Operations teams, we find the following common challenges:

  • They struggle with manual processes that are time-consuming.
  • It is difficult to repeat processes efficiently.
  • Data accuracy and quality in sales CRM is a constant battle.
  • It is very difficult to quickly answer the ever-changing

Using Alteryx to Push and Pull Data with Snowflake

Setting Up Snowflake

Access this link to start a free trial of Snowflake. Upon activating a trail account, you will be prompted to select the cloud provider from either AWS, Azure, or Google. Once your account is created you will be able to create data warehouses, …

Foster a Data-driven Team with Alteryx and Snowflake

Digital workers across all departments in virtually every organization have been stuck in the same manual and monotonous processes for years. Meeting rigorous deadlines while being stretched too thin has inhibited their ability to upskill themselves and provide strategic value to their teams and missions. Worse still, it has caused …

Integrating UiPath RPA and Alteryx APA through Alteryx Activities Package

UiPath is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that allows users to configure a “robot” to copy and integrate human actions to execute manual, repetitive digital processes. UiPath provides easy, drag-and-drop interface to automate the steps of capturing data and manipulating applications – without making mistakes and at a fraction of …

Optimize Finance Operations and Reduce Bottlenecks with Alteryx and ABBYY

Digital transformation is a top priority for finance leaders.  Success improves visibility into cashflow and working capital, reduces transaction costs, and creates the foundation for driving long-term value.

Sadly, only half of the transformation efforts will deliver sustainable ROI.  ABBYY Timeline and Alteryx help organizations analyze and visualize their …

Data Automation in the Office of Finance with Alteryx

Most finance organizations rely heavily on spreadsheets for data processing and management, resulting in excessive time spent on data preparation and formatting.  When financial organizations are empowered with Alteryx, manual processing is replaced with automation to free up time for analysis and critical thinking.  

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Accounting – Accounting teams …

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