Developed by Microsoft, Power BI is a data visualization tool that empowers business leaders across the globe, boasting an intuitive user interface that enables business users and developers alike to create meaningful visualizations.

Power BI’s ability to connect to Excel spreadsheets, cloud-based, or on-premises data sources allows for maximum versatility. Multiple data sources can be utilized within a report by creating relationships between common data items. Data sources can also be transformed to include the necessary business logic needed for visualization.


Power BI utilizes a desktop-based development application where users can connect to data sources and build out interactive visualizations. A wide range of customizable visualizations and data tables are offered to fit every need.

Once reports are complete, they can be pushed to Power BI Service, a browser-based application allowing for viewing and maintenance of reports and dashboards. Here, users within an organization can view visualizations, make edits, and set permissions for content stored within.

Overall, Power BI is an intuitive, highly beneficial tool that allows business leaders everywhere to make data-driven decisions by providing them with interactive and actionable visualizations as an extension of their Microsoft Suite.

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