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IT Analytics Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Today’s technology teams collect and manage more data than ever before. While the quantity has grown, so have the requests for direct access across the business units, suppliers, and customers. With the quantity and requests come new challenges and opportunities for IT. These opportunities can be daunting, but at Capitalize we think this is a time where IT can truly become a partner to the business community.

There are several items for IT teams to consider, including (partial list):

  • What are the data needs of the business? Are the stakeholders happy with what IT provides?
  • How can IT provide cutting edge technologies to add more value to the organization?
  • When should the business centralize vs. decentralize skills and processes?
  • Should our infrastructure be on-prem or in the cloud?
  • How should we control access and implement data governance?
  • Where do we need change control and version control?
  • Which applications and tools should we support and allow?
  • How can we keep our data secure?

Many IT organizations are embracing the idea of enabling the business to take on more advanced challenges through digital transformation and data modernization initiatives. Users across the functional areas are becoming savvier with technology, and technology is becoming easier to understand. Tools like Tableau, Power BI, and Alteryx give users power that historically fell only to IT.

New technologies like predictive analytics, machine learning, cloud, data lakes/warehouses, data governance, and many others have promised incredible value but require specialized skill sets and financial resources and must be thoughtfully considered. It is easier than ever to jump on the latest buzzword, dump thousands of hours, and massive amounts of money into it, only to find out the solution doesn’t live up to the hype.

Our Experts Can Help

Whether your team needs advisory services to help with current and future state roadmaps, or in-depth training on a particular vendor solution, Capitalize is here to help. We focus on helping IT teams select and implement the best technologies for their unique situation. Our guiding principle is to identify a need and definition of success BEFORE selecting tools or pitching solutions. The more we all understand the goal, the more obvious the solution becomes.