No one knows your business better than you do.

So, we bring our vast implementation experience from an array of clients, software vendors, and industries to pair with your team’s knowledge and experience to gain the clearest understanding of your processes and systems.

Our approach is to place experienced and knowledgeable resources in key roles and integrate them with the overall project team, rather than bringing in scores of consultants with little business knowledge or experience. Using this approach to form a project team allows our clients to leverage internal resources to reduce costs and ensure knowledge transfer throughout the project. At Capitalize, we will provide a dedicated resource to work directly alongside you and your staff.

Data is paramount when it comes to successful implementations. We provide a multitude of conversion tools tailor-made to fit specific software as well as others that are intended to be scalable and flexible enough to integrate data between many systems. We often partner with our own analytics team to see what additional insights and data model improvements can be made. We make recommendations on industry best practices, finding opportunities for process automation and improvement, and help you come to design decisions that are tailored for your company.

Additionally, our consultants can evaluate your organization’s employees, processes, and technology through an operational review. We present you with a “current state” analysis that details how your employees, processes, and technology presently work together, along with a “future state” analysis that provides you with suggestions for hitting your mark.

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