Why Upgrade Your Supply Chain Logistics Solution?

Purchasing, supply chain, and logistics teams deal with data sets that can be too large and far too complex for Excel and other common analyst techniques. With hundreds of suppliers, thousands of SKUs, and locations everywhere, ensuring the right materials, parts, and inventory are in the correct location, at the best price, when it’s needed, requires serious analytical skills.

Many teams we have worked with are so mired in spreadsheets that they don’t have time for the value-added analysis these teams are assembled to do. Data comes from many places in different formats, and the task of putting it all together for comparative analysis can take days or weeks. With so much time spent cleansing and compiling data, when is there time to analyze vendor spend, hone in on fraudulent activity, or suggest innovative ways of improving the supply chain?

Today’s analytic tools give Purchasing, Supply Chain, and Logistics teams the ability to cleanse, compile, analyze, visualize, and share data faster than ever. We focus on helping teams automate their process while they learn to use the tools for additional needs. Using faster tools and automation, your team can begin the more complex geospatial, predictive, and forecasting work they wish they had time for, and we can show you how!