ABBYY is a platform that offers a variety of tools targeted to process and content intelligence. Process intelligence is the analysis of data related to the individual steps and procedures within a business process. ABBYY Timeline streamlines the process analytics and allows for process monitoring based on live and historic data. Content intelligence relates to document processing and the ability to process and collect insights into specific business content. The ABBYY Vantage tool allows for automated document reading and information extraction. 

ABBYY Timeline 

Timeline is a process intelligence platform that provides process insight through analysis of trends, bottlenecks and process flows of event-based data. With Timeline a user can view the end-to-end processing of transactions while also monitoring the overall performance of a particular process.  

The platform offers readily available metrics and visualizations to understand and analyze process data. There are tools that map out process trends, flows, and patterns that allow users to pinpoint irregularities in the process. Additionally, there are many ways to drill into individual process steps and analyze the duration, wait times, and time averages across process events. 

Aside from time-based analysis, Timeline offers the opportunity to explore the interaction of process events with associated attributes. With Timeline, users can easily analyze present and historical data to gain insights into their business processes.  

ABBYY Vantage 

The Vantage platform automates the processing of documents and extraction of informationWith OCR, Vantage can read many documents, categorizing them, then isolate specific textual information within a document that can then be stored or used in other processes.  

Document extraction is an essential part of many business processes, Vantage automates these processes and reduces the amount of human error using machine learning and AI. Users can define ‘skills’ that educate the platform on how to classify documents and extract specific information. Once these skills are defined Vantage will automatically process new documents based on the predetermined rules associated with the skill. At any point, a skill can be updated to retrain the AI to handle new document types or changes within documents 

Vantage is a tool that takes in unstructured and variable documents, analyzes them and extracts information that can then be used as structured data for analysis. This tool eliminates the need to manually deconstruct documents by automating the document understanding process.  

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