Few areas of an organization are as reliant on data to track and show success as marketing. Every campaign must be analyzed and compared to determine what makes a material impact on revenue, brand awareness, and market share. The cost of marketing is always a concern, so ensuring the effectiveness of campaigns through AB Testing, modality comparisons, and lead conversions is vital.

For marketing to complete the analysis and determine the most effective use of resources, data must be pulled from Google Analytics, Social Media platforms, CRMs, and marketing automation software at a minimum. Unfortunately, that data doesn’t easily tie together most of the time, so dozens of hours are spent cleaning, preparing, and blending the data sets. Each campaign is different and requires a new set of data for analysis, so the process repeats.

With the correct tools and training, marketing analysts can simplify and automate many of the complex processes they encounter. Accessing, analyzing, and visualizing marketing data to build better predictions and forecasts for future success are all within reach with the correct tools and training.

If you are stuck using your vendor platform’s reporting, or you’re dumping the data into Excel and fighting with it, Capitalize can help. Our team will simplify the data access and automate your analysis and reporting process. As we work together, your team will learn the valuable skills necessary to automate processes further, more quickly analyze data, and share findings through reports and visualizations.