Manufacturing is a great industry for analytics but that doesn’t make it easy! This industry requires an incredible balance of suppliers, demand planning, scheduling, quality, machinery, and employees to ensure the correct products are available to customers at the right time. 

With so many moving parts, the data comes from many places, and extremely quickly. You need to track metrics that are financial, operational, customer-focused, and internally focused.  

We’ve helped companies improve processes from yearly budgeting/forecasting all the way to predictive equipment maintenance. We have a set of amazing tools and experience that can help you streamline your data acquisition from external parties, internal databases, Excel files, and any other areas in which your organization stores data. We can then help you analyze and visualize your department’s or your company’s strategic plans. 

If you’re struggling with quality, equipment, waste, utilization, order tracking, budgeting, or any of the hundreds of other things that make tracking data in manufacturing difficult, give us a call and let us make it all a lot easier!