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Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) for Alteryx gives users and teams a way to document, control, and change many workflows efficiently.

WAM for Alteryx includes:

  1. Version control: Ensures you can lock and roll back workflows
  2. Mass Update: Allows updates to data connections, filters, formulas, and more
  3. Documentation: Details and visualizations that reveal everything happening within a workflow without requiring Designer

Alteryx provides a powerful and intuitive way to access, prepare, blend, and analyze data sources in ways that was previously impossible. With a successful implementation of Alteryx, clients may have hundreds of workflows across many departments.

With rapid adoption across a company, administration, change control, documentation, and general maintenance become a challenge. Clients with large implementations need to:

  • Find all workflows with a common data source, filter, formula, etc.
  • Update multiple workflows when file paths, connection names, or business logic changes.
  • Ensure production versions are locked.
  • Revert to prior versions if there are problems with the recently saved version.
  • Easily and consistently move multiple workflows from test to production.
  • Find duplicate workflows that need to be managed.
  • Switch all workflows to relative paths to ensure workflows work across the team.
  • Access audit reports, to find exactly where their workflows are pulling and what they are doing.

Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) simplifies managing Alteryx workflows at scale!

Workflow Admin Manager Auto-Document User Interface

Workflow Admin Manager Mass Update User Interface

 Workflow Admin Manager Audit Report:

The Audit Report in WAM provides an exhaustive view of overall workflow characteristics, how your workflows operate, where data pulls, the kinds of Alteryx tools used, and recommendations on improving workflows.

Flow Graph:

This workflow representation displays all the data components used in the workflow, with all the relationships between them.

Input/Output Summary:

Auditing is an important and time-consuming activity. The Input/Output Summary allows users to quickly identify all the connections in a workflow.

Tool Count by Category:

WAM evaluates Alteryx workflows to provide key metrics about the types of tools and categories used.


Recommendation Page:

WAM identifies areas in the Alteryx workflow that the user may want to address before promotion to production.

Workflow Admin Manager Mass Update Functionality:

Many organizations struggle with ongoing maintenance of workflows, particularly when changes must occur or data structures change. WAM provides a solution to troublesome and time-consuming management tasks.

Workflow Management:

With a few clicks, a user can move a workflow or group of workflows from one directory to another, or copy workflows to another directory.

Version Control:

Version control can be a complicated and difficult process to wrangle. WAM simplifies Alteryx workflow version control by applying a check-in/out process that locks applicable files and tracks the change history between versions for easy reconciliation and control.

Update Connections:

Not only can users quickly identify the connection string info, but they can also update the database, file path, query, or file sheet on the fly! A back-up is taken during the process, so users can always access the original file if needed.

Update Fields:

Occasionally, users will experience the dilemma of how to manage field changes on data sources. A field name, data type, or data size might change, and users must update the models. WAM allows users to pull workflows from within a directory and make the updates as needed, quickly and painlessly.


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