Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) for Alteryx gives users and teams the ability to manage, control, change, document, orchestrate, and schedule many workflows effectively and provides robust insight into usage and users

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Alteryx provides a powerful and intuitive way to access, prepare, blend, and analyze data sources in ways that were previously impossible. With a successful implementation of Alteryx, clients may have hundreds of workflows across many departments. 

As organizations scale, many find administration, change control, documentation, and general maintenance become challenging. Clients with large implementations greatly benefit from: 

  1. Documentation: Details and visualizations that reveal important details within a workflow related to Alteryx data sources, user metrics, server configuration metrics, collection and subscription data, job details, and more, without requiring Designer
  2. Recommendations: Provides concise and actionable advice to your workflows to ensure that users are following best practices  
  3. Mass Find and ReplaceAllows updates to data connections, filters, formulas, and much more
  4. Migration/Promotion: Allows an administrator to easily migrate from one Alteryx instance to another in a controlled, filterable fashion
  5. Data Integrity Checking: Provides reporting and update capability to cumbersome administrative tasks, such as database back-ups, lock checks, special character find/replace, and more
  6. Version control: Ensures you can lock and roll back workflows and see change history to tracked workflows
  7. Orchestration: Replace Alteryx’s complicated chained macro with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to trigger one workflow from the successful completion of another
  8. Scheduling: Use WAM as the master control to see, view, modify gallery schedules, and create maintenance windows that will handle existing schedules

Workflow Admin Manager simplifies managing Alteryx workflows at scale! 

Workflow Admin Manager Audit Report:


All companies require documentation for audit and SOX controls, but this is a time-consuming endeavor that many companies fall short on completing. The Audit Report in WAM provides a sweeping view of overall workflow characteristics, how your workflows operate, where data pulls, the kinds of Alteryx tools used, and recommendations on improving workflows.


Workflow Admin Manager Reporting Module:

The WAM Reporting Module provides a plethora of different ways to see your Alteryx workflow data, including:

  • Connection details
  • Flow graph recreation
  • Developer step list detail
  • User metrics
  • Report/dataset usage details
  • Job run data
  • Schedule details
  • Data source details
  • Workflows grouped by data sources
  • Workflows grouped by Alteryx version
  • Dashboard of overall Alteryx health (Server) 
  • MongoDB metrics and details (Server) 

Workflow Admin Manager Mass Update:


Occasionally, users will experience the dilemma of how to manage field changes on data sources. A field name, data type, or data size might change, and users must update the models. WAM allows users to pull workflows from within a directory and make the updates as needed, quickly and painlessly.

Sometimes, part of the connection string needs to be managed, like a DNS name, database, server, SQL query, or Excel workbook. Not only can users quickly identify the connection string info, but they can also update the database, file path, query, or file sheet on the fly! A backup is taken during the process, so users can always access the original file if needed.


Workflow Admin Manager Version Control:


Version control can be a complicated process to wrangle. WAM simplifies Alteryx workflow version control by applying a check-in/out process that locks applicable files and tracks the change history between versions for easy reconciliation and control. This is a unique feature that WAM offers Designer users and makes version control without Alteryx Server an easy feat. 

Workflow Admin Manager Migration:

Moving workflows from one Server or Collection/Subscription to another can be a tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone process. With WAM, the process is as simple as defining the Server and relevant configuration details, filtering on what you'd like to move, and hitting a button! The workflows are then seamlessly moved where you need them 

Workflow Admin Manager Server Health Check:

Certain administrative activities can be a burden on IT. WAM can audit, backup, and report several essential activities, such as: 

  • Creating/running a backup of MongoDB 
  • Mass Updating a workflow owner, subscription, or collection 
  • Checking/unlocking locks on MongoDB 
  • Data integrity checks and applicable updates 

Workflow Admin Manager Orchestration:


Users often need to have one workflow trigger upon successful completion of another. Without WAM, the process involves lengthy and complicated macros that can be difficult to create and support. With WAM’s Orchestration module, users can simply order the workflows in the order they’d like to have them generate.

Workflow Admin Manager Scheduler:


Managing Alteryx Gallery schedulers can be tedious. WAM allows an administrator to create, edit, and move Gallery schedules, and apply maintenance windows that will take care of existing schedules automatically.

Audit Documentation:


See how Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) can help when internal audit needs to understand how Alteryx is being used in your department. 

Application Dependencies:


Does your IT want a detailed list of all upstream and downstream applications dependencies for your Alteryx environment? Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) data source reporting can satisfy IT partners. 

Simple Migration:


Tired of complicated and slow Alteryx migration from your lower environment to PROD? See how Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) can streamline your migration process. 

Interested in learning more about how WAM can solve your governance needs? Check out this webinar. 

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