WAM! Your Alteryx Governance, Maintenance, and Reporting Challenges are Solved – Upcoming Webinar (June 23)

June 23, 11 AM - 12 PM CT

Is your organization beginning to have challenges around managing your Alteryx workflows?
How do you handle changes, like database, formulas, filters, and file names en mass?
Is auditability a problem for Alteryx?
Is scheduling on Gallery a bit of a black box?

WAM provides answers to these questions and more with:

  • A robust Reporting Module that allows users to see dozens of different data perspectives of their workflows, users, permissions, usage, and more
  • The ability to update connections, formulas, filters, and annotations with a simple interface powered by an audit database for peace of mind
  • The capability to create, modify and move Gallery Schedules, as well as create schedules for WAM reporting
  • A means to orchestrate and chain workflows together using WAM’s straightforward interface and notification system
  • Alerts for the workflow owners of failures and how you can create a report that is sent out to them
  • Changes through a history report for any workflow showing change (who/what/when)

These are some areas where Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) can help! Please join us to learn how WAM can help auditors, IT, and business users wrangle their Alteryx world.