3 ways to overcome barriers to your business agility

Published December 1, 2021

There’s a lot of talk these days about business agility. Yet it’s much more than just a trendy new business term to throw around in a conversation. Ask any C-suite executive if their organization could be more agile, and they will likely answer yes. But what

5 ways to refresh your budgeting process

Published November 27, 2021

Disruptive technology is a popular term. No matter how long companies have been in business, many claim that their technology, platform, or business will completely disrupt whatever industry it’s in.

That’s all well and good. But what most organizations should disrupt are their budgeting processes. Here …

How to gain business agility with rolling forecasts

Published November 27, 2021

Rolling forecasts can make your organization nimbler, able to seize potential opportunities, and better prepared for upcoming roadblocks.

When it comes to FP&A forecasting, most companies base their long-range forecasts on static planning processes, rather than more relevant, dynamic plans that reflect the complexities of the …

Escape the Excel Nightmare in FP&A and Budgeting with Workday Adaptive

Budgeting, planning, and forecasting processes are slow, manual, and error-prone when companies rely on Excel. In 2021, companies should have a faster, automated, and collaborative set of tools to make these processes less painful.

Excel creates silos of data and business logic, exclusive to whoever built the model. Navigating complex …

Financial Planning for K12 in an Everchanging World

Budgeting and planning in the K-12 public sector has become cumbersome due to antiquated software, unorganized workflows, and limited analytics. District leadership requires a planning and reporting system that delivers accuracydata integrity, and timely access to key operating and financial metrics. The ability to frequently reforecast

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