Alteryx and Snowflake: Using the Snowflake Starter Kit

Get the Starter Kit

First, be sure that you have the Alteryx Predictive Tools installed; instructions on how to install can be found here. Then click here to download the Snowflake Starter Kit and fill out the requested information; an executable file will download. (Before running the executable …

Using Alteryx to Push and Pull Data with Snowflake

Setting Up Snowflake

Access this link to start a free trial of Snowflake. Upon activating a trail account, you will be prompted to select the cloud provider from either AWS, Azure, or Google. Once your account is created you will be able to create data warehouses, …

Foster a Data-driven Team with Alteryx and Snowflake

Digital workers across all departments in virtually every organization have been stuck in the same manual and monotonous processes for years. Meeting rigorous deadlines while being stretched too thin has inhibited their ability to upskill themselves and provide strategic value to their teams and missions. Worse still, it has caused …

Integrate Alteryx and Snowflake 

Integrate Alteryx and Snowflake 

Every company has large amounts of data that they need to store and analyze, but there can be many challenges in working with this data. Often the data is coming from different sources, is disorganized, and cannot be used immediately for analysis. Additionally, storing data

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