Why You Need to Upgrade Your Workforce Analytics Software

HR Workforce Anayltics

Human resources, workforce analytics, and HRIS have an incredibly diverse set of responsibilities and a dizzying array of data sources. With rapid-fire questions about talent acquisition, retention, net promoter scores, salary analysis, and cost-cutting initiatives popping up at a moment’s notice, having effective data analysis tools is a must.

HR has become even more complex with globalization, cloud data sources, and expectations of “Google-like” responses to inquiries from management and staff. Some companies are lucky enough to have an HRIS team to help with technology challenges, but most are mired in hundreds of spreadsheet processes. Getting data for reporting and ad hoc requests require time-consuming “data dumps,” manual and error-prone Excel processes, and emailed reports.

Luckily, there are more and more tools available to HR that make reporting, dashboarding, predictive analytics, and general data requests easier to manage. Capitalize has worked with dozens of HR teams to automate processes, bring more value to the business, and free up time for more important parts of the job.

If you are sick of living in Excel/SQL with manual processes, having no documentation, and feeling like you’re one request away from an all-nighter, let’s talk about how we can automate or digitally transform your team. Automation and digital transformation are journeys. They can start big or small, but the most important thing is that they start.