Companies make large investments in software solutions. Your team needs to ensure the benefits of those investments are realized. Without proper training and support, those significant investments can become significant failures. Our goal is to make sure that you not only succeed with the technologies you’ve invested in but that you build a team of experts who can create the roadmap to success for your organization.

We have full training offerings for the following vendors

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Our training methodology has been tested across hundreds of clients with every solution we support. Our four training phases include:

Self-Study: Through a curated set of vendor content, online videos, exercises, and documentation, we’ll help your team begin to understand the software platform your company has invested in.

Formal Training: Our formal training classes include ~100 pages of printed and bound materials containing demos, hands-on workshops, and screenshots to build students’ skill as they progress. These hands-on training sessions come with the data, starting files, and solutions files. Students can revisit the materials anytime to brush up on skills. These classes can be done onsite or remotely. Capitalize is also available for private, multi-client, or public courses. We also offer custom-built classes using your data, databases, and internal systems for courses that are fully customized to your environment and use cases.

Mentoring: This is where the rubber meets the road. Mentoring sessions are focused on real challenges and use cases that the attendee needs to complete. These one-on-one or small group sessions use the same methodology our consultants use to solve everyday challenges. That includes:

  1. Holistic examination of the current process and challenges
  2. Consideration of process improvements throughout the process
  3. Building a solution together step-by-step to ensure knowledge transfer is ongoing and complete
  4. Recap of the solution looking for ways to improve
  5. Implementation of the final solution for long term use

Many clients view mentoring as “on the job training.” When you work with our professionals with many years of experience, your team can accelerate through many of the basic challenges of new technology. You’ll see three to five times more output during the sessions compared to working alone, and the team will be much further along their journey to becoming experts.

Ongoing Support: Professional athletes have coaches and advisors. Your team needs someone to call when they get stuck, find themselves in a situation they’ve never seen, or want an expert to look over their solutions. Our ongoing support programs give your team a group of experts to call whenever they need guidance and advice. Whether they need 30 minutes of troubleshooting or hours of coaching, our consultants will be there to help.

Training FAQ:

Q: Can classes be offered onsite or remote?

A: Yes. We typically find onsite courses to be more effective than remote learning because the instructor and the students enjoy better communication, and students find that it’s easier to ask questions and stay focused. However, remote classes are still incredibly valuable and our instructors have taught hundreds of virtual courses. We’ll work with you to ensure that whichever style is selected, your team gains valuable experience.

Q: Can classes be customized for our data and exercises?

A: Yes. We have built dozens of courses specifically using client data. For larger groups in situations where people will need to be trained internally in the future, custom materials can be extremely valuable. You’ll get ~100 pages of materials, built on your data, for each day of training. Custom materials are your property and can be used as reference material and to train future users.

Q: What is the maximum number of people per class?

A: We limit our hands-on classes to 12 individuals. It’s important that our clients and instructors have positive learning and teaching experiences. Larger classes are unwieldy for instructors and undermine students’ individual learning experience.

Q: When do classes start, end, and what is the duration?

A: We’ll work with you to design a schedule that works for your team. We recommend eight-hour training days, but in some cases, we’ll put together programs using a four-hour day. Our schedules are flexible to provide effective and accommodating training experiences.

Q: Can we skip prerequisites if our team is experienced?

A: Possibly. We want people to learn and become better users of the technology. Let’s discuss your team’s experience and select the correct courses to advance their skill set.

Q: Can we schedule mentoring or working sessions before or after our training?

A: Absolutely. We highly recommend use of the technology in your environment immediately after training is complete, to solidify concepts and make the most of your new skills. To help with that, we recommend a day or two of mentoring after every class. This allows us to help you get your skills to work in the “real world” immediately. We can’t recommend this more highly.

Q: Can we customize the classes however we want?

A: Yes. However, we’ve spent a lot of time building our curriculum. Any customizations will take time and have costs associated with them. Let’s work together to build a plan that achieves your team’s goals and fits within your budget.

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