Eric Soden

Managing Partner

Eric Soden is an analytics professional with more than 20 years of experience in management, technical presales, business analysis, enterprise reporting/analytics, data warehousing, and project management. He has served as a director of consulting services, solutions architect, vendor partner, trainer, and customer. His proven abilities in selling and implementing technical solutions in the private and public sectors help show management teams the value of business intelligence in solving real-world problems.

Before starting Capitalize Analytics, Eric led a division for an IBM partner. While there he directed the strategy and vision for his department including creating vendor partnerships to add value to both parties’ offerings. He also led many analytics projects that included ETL, data warehousing, predictive models, and data visualization.

Prior to starting Capitalize, Eric worked at IBM for over five years as solutions architect and account executive for IBM Cognos products, acting as a technical resource for clients evaluating analytics solution. He directed the sales team in demos, proofs-of-concepts, and RFP responses. He later became an outside sales account executive with responsibility for a 12-state territory from pipeline creation to close.

Brian Zahn

Managing Partner

Brian Zahn is an accomplished consulting professional with over 25 years of experience. In 2005, he co-founded Capitalize, where he currently serves as the Managing Partner. In this role, Brian helps set the overall strategic direction and vision for the company, builds and maintains strong relationships with clients, oversees the operational aspects of the business, and assists with personnel management and development.

Throughout his career, Brian has focused on leveraging technology to streamline financial processes in areas like Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), Accounting, Tax, Audit, and Financial Reporting. He has extensive experience in spearheading software implementations for the oil and gas sector, including solutions like Waterfield Energy Software and Quorum’s Energy Suite software, which have optimized operations for midstream and upstream organizations.

Before founding Capitalize, Brian spent six years at Quorum Software, where he led their Midstream Practice and was a member of Quorum’s Senior Leadership Team. He began his career at Accenture, gaining valuable consulting and technology experience.

Brian’s practical and strategic approach has made a significant impact in helping organizations improve their financial and operational efficiency, making him a respected figure in the consulting and technology landscape.

Josh Milstein

Associate Partner

Josh is a seasoned executive leader with over 15 years of experience in data analytics, digital transformation, and corporate development. His strategic mindset combined with extensive experience makes him a versatile asset to stakeholders. 

He has a proven record of strategic leadership, driving organizational growth, and improving operational efficiency. Additionally, he is skilled in implementing advanced business intelligence solutions, managing complex projects, and leading teams to exceed company targets. 

Josh is passionate about leading clients to the right strategy and solutions to improve their reporting capabilities, analytic tools, and process efficiencies. 

Josh is currently an Associate Partner at Capitalize Analytics responsible for leading firm strategy and the Data Analytics & Automation practice. 

Prior to joining Capitalize, Josh held management roles with a BI Software company, a publicly traded Energy company, and Fortune 50 global security and aerospace company. He earned a B.B.A. Information & Operations Management from Texas A&M University. 

Cheryl Nealon

Associate Partner of Project Delivery

Cheryl Nealon has 11 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. She joined Capitalize Consulting in 2012 to help clients implement industry software aimed at streamlining management reporting from transactional systems. She brings significant experience as an IT project manager, having led global development and deployment efforts for data management systems for several Fortune 500 upstream corporations.

Prior to joining Capitalize Consulting, Nealon worked at Chevron as a project manager. There, she implemented custom software data management and reporting systems for both digital oil fields as well as for the environmental compliance department. Prior to working at Chevron, she worked for Data Systems & Solutions as a consultant, implementing environmental management information systems for several leading upstream companies. Nealon earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a master’s degree in bioengineering from Rice University.

John Lambie

Associate Partner

John is a highly motivated professional leader with expertise architecting solutions encompassing people, processes, and technology for companies across multiple industries. He is skilled in leadership, business systems planning, mentoring teams and aiding in professional development, enterprise architecture, business process optimization, and adoption / change management. He has worked across a wide array of industries during his career at a consultant / advisor including: Upstream, Midstream and Downstream within Oil & Gas, power generation, utilities, transportation, shipping, healthcare, credit, finance, manufacturing (computers, equipment, forging), non – profit, publishing, farming and research & development.

John joined the Capitalize team in 2018 as a Director to make an impact within Consulting team at Capitalize and as a leader on the Management Team. John started his professional career with Accenture and then was with Pariveda Solutions for 12 years as a Senior Principal where he architected many solutions across business and technology and managed the delivery teams that implemented them. When John is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, SCUBA, cooking and target shooting.

Brian Clawson

Director of Innovation

Brian’s experience includes global management of Innovation Centers of Excellence, citizen development programs, innovation governance, enterprise complaint management, analytic-based training plans and mobile payments deployments at top Fortune 500 companies. 

Brian has set the strategic direction for Alteryx installations supporting over 25,000 users with direct oversight of the governance standards and workflow supporting a multi-platform Innovation program spanning Process Automation, Analytic Automation, RPA and BI platforms supporting over 35,000 employees within the Investment Banking space.   

He has evaluated RPA vendors and managed the migration from Automation Anywhere to UiPath, including the creation of governance standards and workflow for the deployment of Citizen Development RPA initiatives. He has also created Marketing Analytic infrastructure for tracking campaigns, conversion attribution, and predictive list generation, inclusive of data architecture, ETL processes, and predictive model generation and integration. 

Christina McLuckie

Director of Product Development

Christina McLuckie brings extensive experience to Capitalize in the areas of data analysis, project planning and management, solution design and team leadership. Her innovative approaches have served customers in the K12, manufacturing, and real estate sectors, providing streamlined processes, improved visibility, and centralized accountability.

Prior to joining Capitalize, Christina spent more than 15 years supporting K12 in various capacities, including implementing ERP and Student Information Systems, developing/advising approaches for analytics content, managing and mentoring staff, project planning, and providing comprehensive solutions for thousands of school districts in North America. While working for the largest education technology company in North America, she developed initiatives to assist districts in obtaining their data goals and managed the multiple delivery teams that implemented those strategies and projects.

Prior to her career in the K12 sector, Christina worked for an OEM company as a technology specialist where she implemented an automated inventory control system and corresponding analytics solutions to greatly improve day-to-day operations and accuracy of inventory value and financial reporting.

She is passionate about data analytics and providing in-depth analysis into comprehensive overviews of organizational initiatives, and ensuring that organizations are obtaining accurate, meaningful data to make data-driven decisions.

Hallye Shrum

Director of Product Development

Hallye has 18 years of experience in the energy industry guiding industry-leading companies in optimizing revenues, realizations, and process efficiency. With expertise in wellhead and midstream gas balancing and upstream revenue paired with a six-sigma black belt, she is a forensic accounting powerhouse.

Hallye has strong understanding of wellhead-to-market value chain and a passion for Upstream and Midstream Gas accounting forensics and complexities including Wellhead Balancing, Midstream Allocations, Regulatory Reporting, and Royalty impacts to Upstream. She also has extensive knowledge of software product planning, development, testing, and user on-boarding.

Prior to joining Capitalize, Hallye created iGB to build products & tools focused on supporting the underserved sector of Gas Balancing Accounting and Reporting. She has a guilty obsession with Gas Balancing and the relentless challenges it brings to the table as well as a laser eye for continuous improvement and a passion for making her clients’ lives easier.

She enjoys ‘talking shop’ with Upstream/Midstream accountants as well as performing the forensics needed to solve complex accounting or allocation issues. She has experience in value chain mapping, leveraging prior period adjustments and imbalances in negotiations, and M&A due diligence.

In other previous roles, Hallye has successfully established Midstream and Gas Imbalance accounting procedures and controls, management reporting and tools including Gas Imbalance accounting system, managed over 60 custom Owner Relations websites, created Midstream economic models, and performed system enhancement planning, implementations, and integrations.

Hallye earned her BS in Accounting at University of Tulsa.

Kevin Carrell

Director of Accounting & Internal Operations at Capitalize Analytics

Kevin Carrell is a seasoned professional in the world of finance, serving as the Director of Accounting & Internal Operations at Capitalize Analytics. He is recognized for his exceptional expertise and dedication to ensuring the financial health and operational efficiency of the organization. 

Kevin’s journey in finance and accounting began with his pursuit of knowledge at Schreiner University, where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for his successful career in financial leadership. 

Throughout his professional journey, Kevin has consistently demonstrated his ability to navigate complex financial landscapes, ensuring compliance, accuracy, and fiscal responsibility. His meticulous attention to detail and strategic financial planning have been instrumental in guiding Capitalize Analytics toward sustained growth and profitability. 

As the Director of Accounting & Internal Operations, Kevin plays a pivotal role in overseeing the organization’s financial functions and internal processes. He collaborates closely with cross-functional teams, providing financial insights that drive sound decision-making and operational excellence. 

Beyond his role, Kevin is dedicated to fostering a culture of transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement within Capitalize Analytics. His commitment to the highest standards of financial management is a testament to his dedication to the organization’s success. 

Kevin Carrell’s academic background in accounting and his extensive experience in financial leadership make him an invaluable asset to Capitalize Analytics. His contributions continue to ensure the organization’s financial stability and operational efficiency. 

Shawn Mock

Senior Manager, Analytics

Shawn Mock is an experienced Analytics Professional with more than five years of Software Pre-Sales Engineering experience and more than seven years of Sales Operations, BI, and Process Improvement experience in the CPG and Retail industry. He is passionate about using data to optimize work and life. Shawn believes that great solution delivery starts with “having an analyst’s mind and a servant’s heart.”

Shawn, a dedicated thought leader with expertise spanning solution engineering, process improvement, business analytics, and sales operations, brings a wealth of experience and a proven record of driving revenue growth. With a solid foundation built on five years of software pre-sales engineering and seven years in Business Insights within the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Retail industries, Shawn possesses a unique blend of technical proficiency and industry insights. His strategic mindset and hands-on experience make him adept at translating intricate technical concepts into accessible and persuasive business solutions.

Shawn’s exceptional coaching skills and talent development prowess have consistently yielded outstanding results for his direct reports, mentees, and peers. In addition to his history of enhancing the careers of his coworkers, his competencies in project management, process enhancement, and advanced analytics have optimized operational efficiencies for past clients and stakeholders.

While Shawn has an MBA in Marketing/Entrepreneurship, much of his knowledge comes from putting analytics to work, in real-world business scenarios. His impressive career at Alteryx Inc. and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group showcases his talent for mentoring, delivering compelling solutions, and fostering valuable partnerships, making him an asset for Capitalize’s Analytics and Pre-Sales teams.

Jonathan Couch

Senior Manager & Data Visualization Practice Area Lead 

Jonathan has 20 years of experience in the energy industry guiding industry-leading companies in optimizing system efficiencies, reducing costs, and surpassing business objectives. With expertise in gas plant accounting, management consulting, and cutting-edge technologies, he is dedicated to driving efficiency and leveraging innovation for the success of energy companies. 

Jonathan is an information technology consultant with a 20-year track record of delivering solutions, fostering innovation, and devising tactical plans to enhance the daily operations of large-scale enterprises in the energy industry. With a comprehensive background encompassing software implementation and support, project management, management consulting, staff augmentation, and asset acquisitions/dispositions, Jonathan has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive impactful results. 

Jonathan has expertise in gas plant accounting configuration and processes, particularly in Quorum Software’s gathering system and gas plant accounting solution (Quorum TIPS). He has played a pivotal role in guiding business decisions and providing valuable subject matter expertise to industry-leading companies such as DCP Midstream, Pioneer Natural Resources, Energy Transfer, Marathon Petroleum, and others. 

Prior to joining Capitalize, Jonathan spent 17 years as a professional consultant at Quorum Software, where he developed an extensive functional understanding of the midstream energy space. His hands-on experience spans natural gas gathering, transportation, storage, and product refinement. During his tenure at Quorum, Jonathan successfully led multiple implementations of Quorum’s product suite. 

Jonathan earned his BBA in Management and Economics, and his MBA in Finance at Texas Tech University. 

Jessica Thomas

Manager, Alteryx Practice Lead

Jessica Thomas is a seasoned professional in Project Management, Data Analytics, Automation, Workforce Analytics, and Human Resources Technologies. Her focus on streamlining processes and delivering a quality work product make her a versatile asset to stakeholders.

At Capitalize, Jessica is the Alteryx Practice Lead responsible for overseeing all aspects of the technology and client projects. Her main goal is ensuring clients receive the support and expertise that Capitalize is known for in terms of all things Alteryx.

Her experience includes project management, system administration, software training, system upgrades/optimizations, and developing visualizations and dashboards.

She has led multiple projects focused on enterprise-wide implementations of Alteryx and cross-application integration with reporting tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Snowflake. These projects include Salesforce pipeline reporting, budget/actuals allocations, and revenue reporting.

At her previous company, Jessica served as the training lead for an HR system implementation of 36,000 employees globally. She designed multiple training curriculums, led in-person train-the-trainer sessions and designed reference guides and online tutorials. In addition, she participated in validation and conversion of employee and payroll data during the implementation.

Jessica assisted in developing an internal Workforce Analytics group by managing an implementation of a Snowflake data warehouse. She was also the developer of multiple Tableau dashboards including, but not limited to Employee Attrition, Talent Acquisition, Sales, and Finance.

JT Morris

Manager, Advanced Analytics Practice Lead

JT Morris is a veteran data professional with expertise in Data Science, Software Development, Technical Training, and Project Management. His distinctive ability to decode complex problems and articulate them in an accessible manner has been pivotal in ensuring transparent client communication and the delivery of top-tier, targeted solutions.

Embarking on his career journey at Capitalize as an Analyst, JT quickly showcased not only his impressive technical skills but also an unwavering work ethic, propelling him into the key role of Advanced Analytics Practice Lead. Merging his robust background in mathematics with computer science, he has successfully navigated the dual demands of technical and leadership roles, steering high-performing teams toward impactful business results.

JT’s extensive experience spans the creation and deployment of advanced analytics solutions across a multitude of industries and sectors, including Marketing, HR, Operations, and Supply Chain, among others. His expertise shines through his proficient use of industry-leading tools like Alteryx, Python, and Tableau, enabling him to automate data preparation, unearth patterns and trends from data, and transform these insights into actionable strategies for key decision-makers.

Beyond his technical expertise, JT excels as a consummate communicator and leader. He has a knack for translating complex technical language into digestible insights, ensuring stakeholders, regardless of their technical knowledge, can fully comprehend the information presented. Thriving in cross-functional environments, JT adeptly communicates findings and recommendations to executive leadership, ensuring that insights not only inform but also drive improvement.

Travis Haworth

Manager of Office of Finance Transformation 

Travis is passionate about solving problems that his fellow finance professionals deal with every day. He understands the challenges of modern finance professionals and provides solutions and support to make lasting individual and organization-wide impact.   

Travis strives to empower clients with digital technology to supercharge their businesses, increasing efficiency, reducing risk, developing resilient strategic plans, and turning existing data into valuable business insights. He supports clients utilizing a wide range of tools including Alteryx, Tableau, Power BI, UiPath, BlackLine, Oracle, Salesforce, and Snowflake and continues to broaden his knowledge further with additional new and exciting technologies. 

Travis leads Capitalize’s Office of Finance Transformation team supporting the digital journeys of almost a hundred organizations. He has implemented transformation solutions for his clients across the Office of Finance supporting many verticals including Manufacturing, Entertainment, Hospitality, Healthcare, Industrials, Oil and Gas, and more. 

Travis supports his clients with large-scale technology implementations and analytics initiatives requiring cross-department collaboration spanning multiple systems and technologies. By driving value through all three pillars of “People, Process, Technology,” Travis brings a results-driven focus to organizations investing in innovation. 

Travis helps organizations bridge the gap between IT and business personas throughout data architecture, ETL, integrations, reporting, and predictive modeling efforts. By implementing complex, function-specific solutions while adhering to IT requirements on security, user access, governance and controls, and SDLC best practices, Travis ensures that organizations enhance agility and flexibility while remaining controlled and secure. 

Andrew Trettel

Manager, Office of Finance Practice Lead

Andrew Trettel is a skilled Certified Public Accountant and the driving force behind Capitalize’s Office of Finance Transformation Practice. With over a decade of experience gained at a prominent public accounting firm, Andrew has honed his expertise in financial processes and emerged as a trailblazer in digital transformation.

At Capitalize, Andrew leads a dynamic team of subject matter and technology experts, dedicated to streamlining and enhancing finance and accounting operations for clients spanning diverse industries. Drawing upon their profound technical acumen and specialized domain knowledge, Andrew and his team excel at orchestrating comprehensive solutions that optimize efficiency and deliver invaluable insights. Their visionary perspective allows them to craft time-saving strategies and harness industry-leading software to elevate client outcomes.

Throughout his career, Andrew has harnessed the power of data analytics to unlock exceptional value in consulting engagements. His portfolio includes overseeing substantial Alteryx implementations and spearheading governance and compliance strategies. Andrew also served as the functional lead on developing the Capitalize Office of Finance Blueprint – a groundbreaking resource empowering business users to embark on their analytics journey across Accounting, Audit, Tax, and other departments within the Office of Finance.

Andrew’s diverse portfolio showcases his ability to perform procedures and design tailored solutions for various industries, including manufacturing, retail, transportation, automotive, technology, investment, real estate holding entities, and construction.

He earned his BA in Accounting from Washington & Jefferson College, cementing the foundation of his extensive expertise and commitment to excellence.

Uriah Giordana

Director of Partner Development

Uriah Giordana is an energetic and accomplished professional, currently serving as the Director of Partner Development at Capitalize Analytics. Uriah’s academic journey began at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Management. Building. Upon this strong foundation, he furthered his education by pursuing an MBA at the University of Phoenix.

Uriah’s career path has been marked by a commitment to fostering strategic partnerships and driving growth. With a keen business acumen honed through his academic pursuits and real-world experiences, Uriah has consistently excelled in roles focused on partner development and collaboration.

In his current capacity at Capitalize Analytics, Uriah is responsible for nurturing and expanding the company’s network of strategic partners. His ability to build and maintain relationships, coupled with his deep understanding of business management, empowers Capitalize Analytics to forge alliances that drive innovation and mutual success.

Uriah’s passion for creating synergistic partnerships extends beyond his professional life. He actively engages with industry forums and networks, promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the partner ecosystem.

Uriah Giordana’s educational background and dedication to fostering strategic partnerships make him an invaluable asset to Capitalize Analytics. His contributions continue to strengthen the company’s position as a leader in the industry and fuel its growth through collaborative initiatives.

Christopher McKay

Manager, FP&A Practice Lead

Christopher McKay is an innovative technologist with experience in Finance and Accounting, Supply Chain/Logistics, and all-around Business Intelligence. His critical thinking and unique professional and educational experiences allow him to impact clients and Capitalize on multiple different levels. 

Christopher currently leads a team of technical resources focused on optimizing FP&A departments leveraging technology and finance best practices. 

Since joining Capitalize, Christopher has worked on analytics projects utilizing Alteryx, Workday Adaptive Planning, UiPath, Tableau, and multiple other software platforms. His work has consisted of client training, software implementation and maintenance, and process upgrades across Finance and Accounting, Supply Chain/Logistics, and other Business Intelligence-centered initiatives. 

Christopher has a proven track record of strategic leadership and driving organizational growth through collaboration with firm-wide leaders and sales and marketing teams. His philosophy of meeting internal and external folks halfway enables him to deliver scalable, stable, and dynamic solutions. 

Christopher prides himself on his ability to communicate with clients at all phases of the project to ensure appropriate levels of accuracy and completion are reached. 

Christopher attended Belmont University while earning his Bachelor’s degree in International Economics. 

Phillip Martinez

Director of Partner Development

Phillip Martinez is a seasoned professional currently serving as the Director of Partner Development at Capitalize Analytics. Phillip’s academic journey commenced at the University of Incarnate Word, where he earned both his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees, providing him with a solid foundation in business principles and strategy.

Throughout his career, Phillip has exhibited a remarkable talent for fostering and nurturing partnerships that drive growth and innovation. His academic excellence is complemented by a keen business acumen, allowing him to navigate the complex landscape of partner development with skill and precision.

In his current role, Phillip is entrusted with the responsibility of expanding and strengthening Capitalize Analytics’ network of strategic partners. His ability to build and sustain mutually beneficial relationships has been pivotal to the company’s success. Phillip is known for his strategic thinking and commitment to creating collaborative ecosystems that deliver value to all stakeholders involved.

Phillip’s passion for forging strategic partnerships extends beyond his professional life. He actively engages in industry forums and networks, promoting a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing within the partner community.

Torend Ebner

Manager, RPA Practice Lead

Torend Ebner is a business transformation professional with over 10 years’ experience in leveraging technology to drive operational efficiency, including six years of experience in robotic process automation (RPA). Applying Design Thinking and Lean methodologies for process re-engineering, he leads tech-driven change initiatives from ideation to implementation.

Torend is passionate about finding creative solutions that seamlessly integrate automation with the human experience, ensuring a harmonious collaboration brings people, processes, and technology together.

Throughout his career, Torend has successfully implemented RPA solutions across diverse industries, including Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Utilities. This multifaceted experience has honed his ability to adapt and deliver tailored automation strategies that address the unique challenges and regulatory requirements of each industry. He is committed to driving innovation and enabling organizations to achieve increased productivity, cost savings, and improved customer experiences through the power of RPA.

Torend has established and directed programs for analytics, automation, and new product development, as well as created associated COE’s to support innovation and governance. He served as a solutions architect in the development of over 50 large scale bot automations, yielding an ROI of over 100k hours equating to over $5M in savings.

Kao Yang

Manager, Data Strategy Practice Lead

Kao Yang is a motivated and driven professional with a diverse background in varying Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing technologies in many industries. She is a critical thinker and can adapt to different circumstances to help clients in different ways. 

Kao has over 24 years of IT experience with 15 of those years in data warehousing. In those 15 years, she has utilized Business Intelligence tools such as MicroStrategy and BusinessObjects to create and automate reports for business users. She has also designed and developed data warehouse structures in Microsoft SQL Server & Netezza which sourced data from ERP systems like JD Edwards, Microsoft AX, and Oracle. 

Her most recent experience is working with a fast-food restaurant chain and assisting them in the development of their back-office replacement application. The back office is custom-built to suit the needs of the client, but the project had fallen behind. Kao assisted in managing the project, reviewing written user stories and ensuring that developed functionalities meet the user specifications as stated in the user story. Kao also oversees data extraction projects and thorough requirements gathering, developing the code to pull the data and building the Alteryx workflows that process the data and distributes it to the end users. 

Dave Giang


Dave’s experience lies in implementing IT/Accounting projects, enhancing reporting/dashboarding capabilities, and bridging the gap between IT and the business. His expertise is within midstream oil and gas but has experience in different facets of IT and Accounting from acquisitions, divestitures, project management, interfacing applications and handling client accounts.

Through his six years of industry experience, Dave has managed a variety of projects, implemented a diverse set of software, supported custom legacy and COTS applications, developed solutions to replace proprietary applications, and created custom reports utilizing a wide range of reporting tools. He has used his understanding of data to bring value to customers and his experience in various roles allows him to understand the landscape of IT and how to improve the day-to-day lives of end users. His project management and communication skills allow him to deliver projects in a timely manner and serve as the point of contact to key stakeholders.

Dave joined Capitalize in 2020 as a Consultant within the Midstream sector. Prior to Capitalize, Dave spent 3 years at Targa Resources where he experienced role rotation across departments, giving him a diverse background and broad range of expertise. This includes application support, reporting and analytics within IT, and functional support within business. In these roles, he has implemented software, spearheaded and managed projects, acted as the liaison across departments, and used data to improve business processes. He has upgraded and implemented new assets into W Energy and developed new functionalities and interfaces such as GPEX within W Energy. Dave has implemented data warehousing strategies for big data and built Power BI reports to turn large amounts of data into easily digestible information. He has developed tools within Alteryx to replace custom applications, optimize workflows, and reduce manual efforts.

Dave’s experience within both IT and business allows him to better understand the full-scale needs of an organization and deliver value to his clients.

Angie Wendorf

Director of Training and Events

Angie Wendorf is the Director of Training & Events at Capitalize.   With over 10 years of experience in Project Management and Meeting Planning, Angie is a seasoned business project and events professional.  She is responsible for the planning and logistics for all training classes and special events held by Capitalize, and works closely with the Directors of Sales and Marketing to execute both internal and external projects.

Angie began her career at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health, where she worked in Student Academic Development to produce educational events for medical students in their first through fourth years.

Following her tenure at the Medical School, Angie moved to Dallas and into Continuing Medical Education, producing live events offering education to healthcare professionals. She’s since been the lead on events ranging from education conferences to promotional events, and even user group meetings and training classes for clients in the software industry. She’s been responsible for the overall management of live events ranging from intimate dinner meetings to international multi-day events with attendance in excess of 600 people.

Angie has a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Art History

Rachel Ramsey

Director of Marketing

Rachel Ramsey is the esteemed Marketing Director at Capitalize, where her extensive experience and expertise in B2B marketing for tech companies and online marketplaces shine through. With over 15 years in the field, Rachel has proven herself as a data-driven leader who thrives in dynamic environments, consistently crafting innovative strategies across various domains including demand generation, SEM, and content marketing.

During her tenure at G2, Rachel spearheaded marketing efforts for the SaaS Management Software, G2 Track, driving impressive user acquisition and revenue growth. Her role as VP of Marketing at Service Direct was marked by substantial revenue increases achieved through the implementation of multi-channel strategies. At Gartner, Rachel played a pivotal role in scaling teams and elevating brand marketing initiatives across digital markets.

Rachel Ramsey’s proven track record underscores her remarkable ability to not only drive results but also foster a collaborative team environment aimed at achieving significant growth in revenue and brand recognition.

Myisha Henderson

Manager, Marketing

Myisha Henderson is the dedicated Marketing Manager at Capitalize, where she plays a pivotal role in driving demand-generation strategies through close collaboration with vendor partners. Her dedication to partner marketing highlights Myisha’s unwavering commitment to nurturing mutually beneficial relationships that propel growth and success for all parties involved. With her expertise and strategic approach, Myisha ensures that Capitalize remains at the forefront of innovative marketing initiatives, positioning the company for sustained success in the competitive marketplace.

Equipped with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Texas in Arlington, Myisha embarked on her professional journey 13 years ago, initially diving into the realm of public relations. However, driven by her innate passion for marketing, she made a strategic transition exclusively into marketing roles five years ago. This shift not only showcased Myisha’s adaptability but also underscored her commitment to pursuing her passion and excelling in her chosen field.

Myisha’s expertise lies in forging strong partnerships and leveraging them to drive demand-generation initiatives, ensuring mutual success for both Capitalize and its vendor partners. Her strategic approach, coupled with her extensive experience in both public relations and marketing, uniquely positions her to deliver impactful results in her role. As a dedicated team player, Myisha drives collaborative efforts that yield tangible outcomes, contributing to Capitalize’s overall marketing success and growth.

April Anderson

Customer Success Manager

April Anderson is a knowledgeable Customer Success Manager dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and maximizing the value of data and analytics solutions. With two decades of experience in Operational Accounting, April has consistently excelled in roles focused on process improvement and delivering exceptional results.

April has spent her career honing her skills in understanding client needs and tailoring solutions to meet them. Her ability to empathize with clients and offer data-driven strategies earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor.

April’s expertise extends beyond traditional customer success roles; she possesses a deep understanding of analytics and data management. Her proficiency in data visualization and reporting tools has empowered organizations to enhance decision-making and drive results.

In her current role at Capitalize Analytics, April leverages her extensive experience and customer-centric mindset to collaborate closely with clients. She ensures that each client optimally utilizes analytics solutions to achieve their strategic objectives.

April’s career is a testament to her commitment to client satisfaction and the transformative potential of data and analytics. Her dedication, expertise, and passion make her an invaluable asset to Capitalize Analytics and its clients.

Rebecca Lopez

Sales Operations Manager

Rebecca Lopez is an accomplished Sales Operations Manager at Capitalize Analytics, renowned for her exceptional dedication to optimizing sales processes and driving business growth. With a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Development and Training from the University of North Texas, Rebecca’s academic foundation uniquely equips her with a strategic edge in her role.

Throughout her career, Rebecca has consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of the intricacies of sales operations, leveraging her expertise to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and enhance the sales cycle. Her passion for creating efficient and effective sales operations processes has made her an invaluable asset to the organization.

Rebecca’s commitment to excellence extends beyond her professional duties. She is dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development within the sales operations team, ensuring that each member has the tools and knowledge needed to excel.

As Sales Operations Manager, Rebecca collaborates closely with cross-functional teams to align sales operations processes with broader company objectives. Her ability to analyze data and provide actionable insights empowers the sales team to make informed decisions and achieve outstanding results.

Rebecca’s unique blend of academic knowledge and practical experience makes her a standout professional in the field of Sales Operations. Her contributions continue to drive Capitalize Analytics toward even greater success, both in optimizing operations and nurturing a culture of growth and innovation.

Leslie Syniec

Talent Acquisition Manager

Meet Leslie Syniec, the dedicated Talent Acquisition Manager at Capitalize Analytics with over 18 years of invaluable experience in the field. Leslie’s journey began at a startup analytics consulting firm, where she honed her skills and passion for talent acquisition.

Known for her exceptional ability to build connections and maintain relationships, Leslie fosters trust between candidates and her employer, ensuring optimal matches for roles within the organization. Whether she’s on campus interviewing entry-level hires or delving into the intricacies of experienced hire areas such as consulting, accounting, and internal roles, Leslie’s depth of knowledge and expertise shines through.

With her keen eye for talent and deep understanding of the industry, Leslie plays a pivotal role in shaping the workforce at Capitalize Analytics, driving the company’s success through strategic talent acquisition initiatives. Her commitment to excellence and knack for identifying top talent make her an invaluable asset to the team, ensuring that Capitalize continues to thrive and excel in a competitive market.

Ellen Francka

Human Resources Manager

Ellen Francka brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the Human Resources field dynamic. Having served in various HR capacities, Ellen has honed her abilities in organizational design, change management, employee relations, performance management, and compliance.

Armed with a Master of Science in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Ellen possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of work behaviors and employee motivation. Leveraging this insight, she has spearheaded successful initiatives aimed at enhancing the employee experience, improving data integrity, optimizing reporting capabilities, and fostering stronger relationships with executive leadership.

Ellen is renowned for her resourcefulness, creativity, and unwavering commitment to problem-solving. She epitomizes a “work-smarter-not-harder” ethos, consistently delivering innovative solutions and driving impactful results.