Transforming Banking with UiPath: Enhancing Risk Management and Accounting Accuracy

August 7 at 11:00 AM CT



Get ready to step up your finance game with intelligent automation! Our upcoming webinar will equip you with insights on how software robots can transform monotonous and repetitive tasks like invoice processing, financial reporting, and compliance verification into efficient, real-time operations. Learn how UiPath can make your finance department work smarter, not harder, by taking over rules-based tasks, providing valuable process automation suggestions, and streamlining your workflows using existing systems.

Join us on August 7 at 11:00 AM CT to discover how UiPath can help finance departments achieve equilibrium in their workloads.
Not only does UiPath help manage your increasing workloads, but it also positions your finance teams to do what they were truly meant to do – provide strategic advice and help improve overall business performance. When done correctly, automation can ensure your business remains compliant and minimize risk – always maintaining complete audit trails and actively monitoring regulatory changes.

Why Attend?

• Learn about how UiPath robots are perfectly suited for mundane and repetitive work like transaction processing, accounting operations, and compliance tasks.
• Hear from Chris Phillips, the SVP and Director of AML Compliance at Valley National Bank, as he shares his experiences and insights on UiPath’s transformative impact in automating their anti-money laundering processes and how his team was able to shift their focus from routine tasks to strategic advising.
• See a live demo of programming error-free and rule-abiding robots that aid in regulatory reporting and compliance verification.

Who Should Attend?

• Banking professionals interested in automation and technology
• Risk management and compliance officers
• Accounting and finance professionals
• IT and operations managers
• Anyone looking to enhance banking operations with innovative solutions

Whether you’re a current UiPath user aiming to scale your automation environment or just exploring possibilities, this event is tailored for you.

If you can’t attend the webinar live, register anyway, and we will send you the recording.