Sales Operations: Digital Transformation with Capitalize Analytics

Sales Operations brings a system to selling by using data to drive strategy. Providing accurate data in a timely manner is important to closing deals faster and increasing revenue.

Working with dozens of Sales Operations teams, we find these common challenges:

  • Data accuracy and quality in sales CRM is a constant battle.
  • Lack of data integration between systems is commonplace.
  • Complicated, manual processes in Excel continue to be added to the team’s workload.
  • Sales territories are constantly changing.

These challenges may cause you to feel overwhelmed, have you working 50+ hours per week just to keep up, an inability to disconnect from work; since your team and leadership cannot self-serve, or access reports if you’re not working.

Take Your Sales Operations to the Next Level With Our Help

Sales Operations teams turn to Capitalize when they are looking for ways to save time and increase productivity. We provide the plan, tools, and technologies that can change your processes from end-to-end.

Some projects we’ve worked on include:

  • Turning unorganized & silo’d data into structured data.
  • Full process automation using RPA & APA.
  • BI & Analytics – dashboards for reporting.

Once you automate your Sales Ops processes, you will have the time to be strategic and provide your company with self-service analytics. No more manual processes or working on the weekends.