Optimizing Sales Operations with Alteryx, Tableau, and Snowflake

Sales Operations is inundated with questions about pipeline, revenue, and commissions daily, sometimes hourly! Historical analysis by sales rep, region, and/or client is a constant burden. Adding to that, if you have multiple channel partners, resellers, or suppliers, you pull information from their disparate vendor systems in addition to the systems your company controls. It can be brutal!

When you’re tasked with assisting with territories, how do you determine who to assign which clients? Are you analyzing proximity, vertical expertise, rep/client relationships? Sales Operations are the unsung heroes of the sales world. Sales people are a difficult breed, and sales management can be even more difficult! Let us show you how Alteryx can speed up your analysis, automate your processes, and make you, the sales team, and management, much happier!

Date, time, and registration details will be available soon!