Quality and maintenance teams can add invaluable services to an organization. One of the impediments to realizing that value is limited, dirty, disorganized, and bad data. Often, tools can help streamline access, cleansing, and blending of data, but nothing fixes bad data or magically creates missing data.

For those teams lucky enough to have the data they require, trouble mounts when the data volumes are massive, systems don’t easily communicate, and data isn’t easy to get in a timely manner.

Capitalize helps organizations by digging into the goals of the organization and understanding where technology can help and where processes need to be improved. Together, we can build a plan to capture data, put procedures in place to ensure the data is entered more accurately, and build workflows that ensure the data is timely.

As we work on projects together, we will gain a better understanding of the tools being used and the skillsets of the team. We can suggest options for additional technology and train your team to utilize the current tools more effectively.

For many Quality and Maintenance teams, predictive analytics is the holy grail. Our team of advisors and data scientists can help identify areas where immediate value can be achieved. With predictive analytics, choosing a realistic problem with the requisite data will make or break your vision.