Tableau training is an important milestone in your analytics journey. Our approach to Tableau training and enablement consists of four phases, each successive phase building from one another. Many companies and individuals are interested in earning the Tableau Certifications. Our training path is designed to help you pass the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification. Our phased approach includes:

  1. Tableau Self-Study
  2. Formal Tableau Training
    1. Tableau Desktop: Fundamentals of Analysis
    2. Tableau Desktop: Intermediate Analysis
    3. Tableau Desktop: Advanced Analytics
    4. Tableau Server: Managing and Administering Tableau Content
  3. Tableau Mentoring
  4. Ongoing Tableau Support


Tableau provides 1000+ hours of free video content that explores a wide variety of topics from setting data connections to administering Tableau Server. Before you pay to have professional trainers execute a Tableau training program, it is highly recommended that you or your team review the free Tableau video tutorials. In addition, Tableau touts an enthusiastic and helpful community of users, where ideas can be shared, and questions can be answered.

Formal Training (Remote or Onsite):

In our experience, nothing can replace formal Tableau training with a live instructor. Whether you choose to do these trainings remotely or onsite, our trainers can gauge the audience and ensure the class is learning the skills they’ll need to be successful with Tableau. Our instructors increase or decrease the pace of the class based on the individuals in the class, cover skills multiple times if the concepts prove difficult for participants, and have years of consulting experience to reference. Hearing how others have used Tableau in the “real world” can bridge knowledge gaps that training exercises may not.

Our formal Tableau training classes also come with printed and bound materials. On average, we’ll provide approximately 100 pages of materials for each day of training containing demos, workshops, and screenshots to guide the participant every step of the way. We also provide data, starting points, and solutions so that attendees can refresh skills later, as needed.


Tableau mentoring allows users to create complex analytical content, with the assistance of an expert. Mentoring sessions are focused on real challenges and use cases that the attendee needs to complete. These one-on-one or small group sessions use the same methodology our consultants use to solve everyday challenges. That includes:

  1. Holistic examination of the current process and challenges
  2. Consideration of process improvements throughout
  3. Building a solution together step-by-step to ensure knowledge transfer is ongoing and complete
  4. Recap of the solution looking for ways to improve
  5. Implementation of the final solution for long term use

Ongoing Support:

Professional tennis players still have coaches. Your team needs someone to call when they get stuck, come across a situation they’ve never seen, or want an expert to look over their solutions. Our ongoing support programs give your team a group of experts to call whenever they need guidance and advice. Whether they need 30 minutes of assistance troubleshooting a formula, or hours of coaching on a large analytic project, our consultants will be here to help.

Tableau Training Course Catalog:

Tableau Desktop: Tableau Fundamentals

Interface Navigation Calculations Maps
Connecting to Data Sources Focusing Data Basic Formatting
Understanding Data Types Creating Charts and Managing Basic Properties Analytics in Tableau

The goal of Tableau Fundamental is to create a solid base on Tableau fundamentals by learning the interface navigation, creating, and configuring basic visualizations, and creating a base of knowledge around data types. No prerequisites are required!

Tableau Desktop: Tableau Intermediate

The goal of Tableau Intermediate is to build upon the fundamental Tableau course by incorporating dashboarding, statistical modeling, and advanced Tableau functionality, thus creating a robust skill set that allows users to create dynamic and visually appealing graphics. Tableau Fundamental Course is a prerequisite.

Advanced Charting and Storytelling Basics of Statistical Modeling in Tableau Preparing your Data
Advanced Calculations and Customization Advanced Mapping Data Blending
Understanding Parameters Creating and Using Input Controls

Tableau Desktop: Tableau Advanced

The goal of Tableau Advanced is to enhance the fundamental skills by incorporating powerful interactivity between visualizations, advanced dashboarding techniques, data mining, and a deep understanding of how calculations work and when to use them. Tableau Fundamental and Intermediate Course completion is a prerequisite.

Refresher Data Mining Powerful Interactivity
Advanced Dashboarding Creating a Story Calculation Deep Dive
Level of Detail Calculations Creating and Using Groups

Tableau Server Administration

If centralization and governance is at the forefront of mind for your company, this course will propel your understanding of how Server works and how to manage Tableau Server by managing users/groups, content, permissions.

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