Google Sheets for Workday Adaptive Planning

Are you struggling to use Google Sheets with Workday Adaptive Planning?  

While Workday Adaptive Planning does have built-in integration for Microsoft Office Suite products, it does not have the same ease of use when it comes to Google Sheets.   

Capitalize has worked with several clients recently facing this challenge. Common questions we hear are: 

  • Should we transition our already established processes from Google Sheets to Excel?  
  • Do we work with our IT organization to find a technical solution?  
  • Do we need to use an alternative planning solution other than Workday Adaptive Planning?  

Capitalize has solved this problem and come up with a simple solution that can be leveraged by business analysts. The best part is that it requires absolutely no IT intervention! FP&A analysts can now use the best-in-class planning solution, Workday Adaptive Planning, while also utilizing Google Sheets.  

Below is a short clip demonstrating the integration of Google Sheets and Workday Adaptive Planning using the Alteryx platform. This approach can add or extract data to any level and version of your Adaptive environment. There is no need for manipulation, categorical, or mathematical changes to be made to your original Google Sheets data; all your logic and content from Google Sheets are sent to or exported from Adaptive. A business analyst can perform this without advanced Python/SQL/other coding requirements.

We’ve used Alteryx along with the Workday and Google APIs to build a workflow that seamlessly handles the process for you. With this workflow, you can accomplish these tasks by simply hitting the run button within Alteryx. Even better, put it on a schedule so it will run automatically. 


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