How iGB Makes Life Easier for Gas Balancing Professionals 

May 11 at 11 AM CT

On Demand

Gas balancing accountants are always struggling to manage mountains of paper gas balancing statements. That usually means long hours and a lot of manual input, which increases risk and decreases value-added productivity.  

The process of compiling all your statement data into a singular dataset for financialization could and should be automated. Put the tedious hours of compiling and normalizing on the computers and free up accountants to focus on exceptions and value-add activities.  

Capitalize’s iGB technology was designed by gas balancing professionals for gas balancing professionals. We see our clients celebrate massive time savings in: 

  • Distributing gas balancing statements to owners, partners, agents 
  • Compiling a period-end summary of all latest imbalances with one click 
  • Quickly identifying high-priority action items  

 In this webinar, we will deep dive into real-life use cases of iGB time savings, risk reduction, and increased employee satisfaction, including: 

  • Sender hosting to distribute wellhead balancing statements 
  • Premium Receiver Close report feature 
  • Quick filters for properties with no sales or unfavorable trends  

Watch the video above to learn how gas balancing professionals are saving an average of 130 hours per month with iGB.