Capitalize Analytics Announces Major Enhancements in Scheduling and Orchestrating Workflows for Workflow Admin Manager

Capitalize Analytics announced today two new features to their Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) platform: WAM Orchestration and Scheduler.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 19, 2022 / — Capitalize Analytics announced today two new features to their Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) platform: WAM Orchestration and Scheduler. The two additional features increase the ability for companies to plan to execute workflows around server maintenance schedules and chain workflows together based on a series of events.

WAM Scheduler enhances how users create, modify, and view schedules in the Alteryx Gallery. Until now, users were unable to view Alteryx schedules across the entire organization and were limited in their ability to consider resources, new scheduling, maintenance windows, and more in their decision-making process. The schedules are now displayed in a convenient calendar format, allowing users to easily identify scheduling hot spots or gaps and adjust with the drag and drop function. WAM Scheduler also enables administrators to move workflows to accommodate maintenance conflicts. In the event that server maintenance disrupts workflows, an administrator can create a maintenance window that will notify users when their workflow hit that window. This makes administering servers seamless in terms of schedules.

“Customers have often expressed how challenging it can be to find a convenient time to take down the analytics infrastructure long enough to do maintenance or upgrades. To top it off, coordination among different teams to reschedule or delay all the automated analytics processes can be painful,” states John Pelletier, Senior Cloud Apps PM at Alteryx. “To have a maintenance window management feature should make a lot of Server admins’ dreams come true.”

WAM Orchestrator allows users to chain workflows together and trigger subsequent workflows based on the success or failure of the one prior. For example, does your pay run populate a series of staging tables that feed to a data warehouse and create journal entries in your ERP system? Does a separate Alteryx workflow owner control each workflow? Now you can chain these workflows together in a matter of minutes in an easy-to-interpret, drag-and-drop interface and see all the historical runs.

“These features are highly beneficial to the administrator, who needs to consume organizational Alteryx scheduling and make quick, informed decisions, as well as the business user who needs to have a myriad of workflows trigger based on the actions of another workflow,” says Christina McLuckie, Workflow Admin Manager Product Director. “WAM Server is your one-stop shop for your Alteryx governance and administrative needs.”

Workflow Admin Manager is a tool that gives Alteryx users and team the ability to manage, document, orchestrate, schedule, and audit hundreds of workflows effectively. For more info, visit

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