Alteryx Users: Streamline Your External Audit with WAM with Insights from KPMG

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Organizations utilizing Alteryx to automate critical accounting processes will inevitably find their workflows come under internal and external audit. Most organizations spend WEEKS creating audit support and fielding questions and requests from the auditors, and often still find themselves receiving pushback on their process, controls, and documentation.

Public accounting audit and assurance teams all have varying degrees of familiarity with and understanding of Alteryx. Some may be very comfortable with Alteryx; others may see Alteryx as a “dangerous black box.” No matter their comfort level with Alteryx, any uncertainty or irregularities in your process, controls, or documentation is going to raise major red flags.

Governance frameworks, internal controls, assertion testing and validation reporting, and process documentation are all critical pieces of materials that are required to support your Alteryx usage. There hasn’t been an efficient, repeatable, and proven way to capture and create audit support documentation… UNTIL NOW!

WAM takes an audit-centric focus for its one-click audit-ready Alteryx documentation including:

  • Detailed Workflow Process Documentation: every input, every output, every single tool
  • Comprehensive Workflow History Reports: user workflow access, data source access, run history, version change history, development to production approvals
  • Workflow Development Recommendations: best practices for creating efficient workflows
  • Dozens of Additional Utilities: eliminating human error when administering hundreds or thousands of Alteryx jobs at scale

Hear from our featured guest Erin Mitchell, KPMG Audit Manager, as she shares her experiences providing Audit and Assurance services for Alteryx customers and how WAM solves many roadblocks during external audits.