How Much Alteryx Governance is Right For Your Organization?

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As organizations increase their Alteryx footprint with more users, more workflows, and more self-service, governance challenges can arise.   

To manage long-term success and scaling, you need to continually measure your current governance maturity against benchmarks to establish right-sized governance structures to manage risks, encourage cross-department reuse, monitor adoption, etc. 

Alteryx has helped many organizations to automate existing processes, but due to the self-service nature of Alteryx and its ease of use, many users and departments are able to add value in an isolated fashion without standardization. Alteryx Governance may look like it can be a large and expensive project, but with our recommended approach you can see how setting up these processes may not be as difficult as once thought, and how having some guard rails in place can make your Alteryx user experience smoother. 

By measuring your current state architecture against a standard maturity framework, you are able to assess your organization’s needs and plan for future state improvements without creating unnecessary overhead. 

Recommendations can include, but is not limited to:   

  • Targeted training and onboarding procedures for Alteryx and license management 
  • Alteryx workflow Development/Server/Gallery/Data source best practices  
  • Create and improve SDLC practices including deployment procedures 
  • Monitoring and documentation 
  • Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) 

These recommendations and advancements in governance maturity put the power back into the business users’ hands, but with secured, controlled, and documented processes.  

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