Simplify Your Manufacturing Planning, Forecasting, and Reporting with Workday Adaptive Planning

On Demand

Manufacturing has a lot of moving parts including supplier costs, inventory, product demand, scheduling, and logistics. Analyzing, planning/forecasting, and reporting relevant information is incredibly challenging. 

Organizations struggling with manual processes, dozens of spreadsheets, and constant delays need to find an automated and dynamic way to plan and forecast. 

We’ve helped dozens of manufacturing organizations streamline their planning, forecasting, and reporting processes using Workday Adaptive Planning. 

Join us on October 19  at 11:00 am CT for a webinar geared to the specific pain points and common challenges manufacturers face in today’s uncertain economic conditions. In this webinar, you’ll see Workday Adaptive Planning in action and how Capitalize has configured the solution to meet common planning and reporting needs.    

You’ll see demonstrations for:  

  • Flexible real-time reporting however and wherever (Excel, PowerPoint, Google Sheets) 
  • Gross margin reporting & planning 
  • Headcount planning for salary & hourly workers 
  • Labor capacity planning capabilities  
  • Scenario planning to streamline costs and optimize revenue