Introducing DVW & Capitalize: Your Gateway to Seamless SAP Integration with Alteryx

On Demand

Extracting data from ERP systems can be both an important and challenging process for data workers.  And if you work with SAP ECC, a migration to S4HANA is probably top of mind for you. Whether you are looking to develop Business Intelligence solutions with your data housed in legacy SAP, or you are trying to sample, test, and migrate your SAP data to S4, Capitalize Analytics encourages you to join our webinar on October 26 at 11:00 am CT. 

Witness firsthand how DVW Analytics makes SAP integration with Alteryx an effortless, efficient, and highly productive experience. Their technology bridges the gap between Alteryx and SAP, and provides users with integrations to systems like SAP BW, SAP CRM, and SAP ERP. 

Whether you are trying to take your SAP data to the next level by pushing it to visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI or trying to migrate your data to S4 before SAP ECC is no longer supported, you will find value in this webinar.