Managing Alteryx Workflows with WAM (Workflow Admin Manager)

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Successful Alteryx deployments result in the creation of dozens and dozens of workflows. With that success comes the challenge of managing the expanding Alteryx content.

  • How do you manage and administer the many workflows from a single user or across an entire organization?
  • How can you search and update all of your workflows without tediously opening each one?
  • How can I share my workflow logic with people who don’t have Alteryx but need to understand the logic?
  • How can we build a safe, effective, and efficient change control process for workflows?

In order to address these challenges, Capitalize created Workflow Admin Manager (WAM), a tool to accompany Alteryx’s powerful process improvement capabilities by allowing administration of Desktop and Server content with ease.

For those of you that attended our introduction of WAM several months ago, we’ve made major enhancements to the application including a completely new user interface, Alteryx Server administration, new auditing capabilities, and more.

If you’re new to WAM, prepare to be blown away by functionality that will simplify your world whether you’re an Alteryx Designer user, team lead, auditor or in IT.