Scaling Self-Service Analytics with Collibra’s Data Intelligence Cloud

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Self-service analytical solutions have changed the way companies access, analyze, and share data. People are able to pull data from nearly any source, manipulate it, and share it with anyone in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.

However, with all great progress comes new challenges. Companies that provide self-service access can struggle with answering questions such as:

  • Where are people getting their data?
  • Are these data sources trusted?
  • Who gave these folks access to these systems?
  • Do the users understand what the data is telling them, what’s already been filtered, and what calculations have already occurred?

Collibra has designed a platform to help people find, access, understand, and control their data, easing the pain of large self-service environments. The solution includes:

  • Data Catalog – Find, access, and trust the organization’s data with a simple interface that surfaces data assets across the organization.
  • Data Governance – Organize, document, and certify data while collaborating with other users of that same data – in a controlled way.
  • Data Lineage – See the source and any modifications that happen to your data as it makes its way to reports, dashboards, etc.
  • Data Privacy – Ensure your data is staying private and you’re adhering to ever-changing privacy laws.

Please join Capitalize Analytics and Collibra in this webinar where we will discuss these challenges and how the Collibra platform makes self-service more efficient and safer.