Announcement: Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) Product Launch

Capitalize Analytics is thrilled to announce the launch of Workflow Admin Manager (WAM)This amazing tool will provide a variety of solutions to Alteryx administrative struggles for the Alteryx expert and the non-Alteryx user alike. It will be available on April 23rd 2021!

What exactly does WAM do?

Audit reporting with ease – WAM users will be able to generate a variety of audit reports that provide a robust amount of information on each workflow, including a re-created flow graph, summary characteristics of the workflow, detailed connection info, and recommendations on how to make the workflow optimized per best practices. You can select the tools and the sections that you want to appear on the report. Settings can allow users to automate backups with audit report generation, too!

Management reports – Do you struggle with ensuring that Alteryx workflows are on the latest version of Alteryx? A quick scan of a directory will tell you which reports are on which Alteryx version! Is managing the data sources that are used in Alteryx a headache? The Data Source report will show the data sources used and the workflows that are connected, so you’ll be able to quickly understand where to look when data sources questions arise.

Mass Changes in Alteryx workflows – Imagine that you have dozens of workflows that contain a calculation tied to a payroll increase, based on a percentage. With little notice, you need to change that percentage across all affected workflows. WAM allows a user to do a mass scan of workflows, identify the ones with the problematic formula and change it. Changes can be made to data sources, file paths, and nearly any component within an Alteryx tool, making mass changes a breeze!

Track Changes – Do you have a workflow that is particularly sensitive, but multiple people may alter in some way? The Track Changes Module allows you to track all changes that occur in a workflow, creating read-only versions upon each change to the workflow that may be rolled back to the main workflow at any time.

Migration (Server only) – Does your organization crave more organization when migrating workflows from one Gallery to another? The Migration module allows users to identify one or many workflows and move them with ease.

Dashboard (Server only) – Does your organization need to understand Alteryx Server activity, like which users have active workflows running or how many/how often jobs have failed on Alteryx Server? The Dashboard provides a quick and easy way to gather these metrics and much more!

WAM for Designer allows a user who frequently uses Alteryx Designer to interact with workflows he/she can access locally.

WAM for Server provides a way for users to provide administration on Alteryx Server.

Please visit Workflow Admin Manager – Capitalize Consulting to see additional details on WAM and to try the Audit Report with your own workflow!

For more information about WAM, please contact