Automating Tax Processes with Alteryx and Tableau

Tax professionals are tasked with diverse sources of tax data, constantly changing regulations and growing volumes of data.  And for most organizations, the “tax technology” used to address these challenges is spreadsheets.  While spreadsheets are amazing, they haven’t scaled with the ever-increasing tax requirements.  The result is that tax professionals spend an inordinate amount of time preparing data leaving minimal time to perform meaningful analysis.

Tax teams turn to Capitalize Analytics when they strive to:

– Automate time-intensive data collection and spreadsheet manipulation

– Provide auditability, accuracy, and compliance

– Make changes to schedules in minutes, not hours or days

Please join Capitalize Analytics on June 22nd at 11 am CDT as we present and demonstrate how Alteryx and Tableau are being utilized extensively to automate tax processes.

We look forward to sharing client use cases such as tax reporting, indirect tax, state apportionment, trial balance, forecasting taxes, and what-if analysis.