Managing, auditing, and editing large numbers of Alteryx workflows with Workflow Admin Manager (WAM).

We can all agree, Alteryx has created some fantastic processes for our organizations, and user adoption is amazing. A lot of use creates a lot of content, and some new challenges arise.

  1. How do you manage dozens or hundreds of workflows?
  2. How can you search and update hundreds of workflows without opening them all?
  3. How can I share my workflow logic with people who don’t have Alteryx?
  4. How can we document our workflows to keep risk low and Audit off our back?
  5. How can we build a safe, effective, and efficient change control process for workflows?

At Capitalize, we work with organizations of every size and shape, and we run into the above challenges all the time. To help alleviate some of these difficulties, we’ve built a tool we call WAM!

In this webinar, we will discuss the specific challenges we face when dealing with large user counts and large numbers of workflows. We will also show how WAM simplifies the lives of Alteryx Designer users, team leaders, auditors, and IT departments.

We think you will be blown away by this functionality. We are eagerly seeking feedback and clients looking to collaborate on future versions of the product.

Looking for more information about WAM? Take a look at our dedicated page:

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