Supercharging Power BI: Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT for Advanced Data Visualization and Analysis 

Mashup Code + ChatGPT

In this video, we will see how we can use ChatGPT to analyze and document applied steps in the Power Query Editor. By copying the Mashup code and pasting it into ChatGPT, you can obtain detailed documentation with a comprehensive breakdown of each step.


Are you a new Power BI developer struggling with DAX calculations? Or do you know what logic to write but do not know where to begin? In this video, we will ask ChatGPT to write the DAX codes for us. Additionally, we will delve into using ChatGPT to understand DAX codes and produce comprehensive documentation. 

Direct Query Mode + ChatGPT

In this video, we will explore the direct query mode in Power BI and demonstrate how ChatGPT can assist Power BI developers who may have limited SQL knowledge. We'll walk through a scenario where a Power BI developer needs to understand, analyze, and document an SQL query. 

By leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT, the developer can easily comprehend the query structure, make necessary edits, and generate comprehensive documentation for future reference.  

Customize Visuals with ChatGPT

A well-configured visual helps us to tell a coherent and compelling story with our data. You can align the visual elements to the narrative you want to convey, ensuring that the visual supports and reinforces the message you want to communicate. In this video, we will see how ChatGPT can help us to configure our visual exactly how we need them.



Python Visuals in PBI + Chat GPT

Say hello to the winning combination of ChatGPT and Python Visuals in Power BI! 

In this video, we will explain step-by-step how we can use ChatGPT to create swarm, scatter, and pair plots following the lead of our AI friend, ChatGPT. Try it out yourself! 

Power BI is a powerful tool. With ChatGPT, your team is able to take some of the guesswork out of interfacing with Power BI.

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