Unleash the Power of Oracle BI Publisher and Power BI Integration with ExoInsight 


Enterprise reporting and analytics is critical and becoming more important every year. Companies have tight margins, fierce competition, and business models need to change quickly to stay relevant. 

Most companies have data in dozens of legacy and cloud applications, and most complex questions require information from multiple entities to reach an accurate answer. 

The ERP/Financial system is critical to almost every question, and accessing, manipulating, and merging data from systems like Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP can be time-consuming, manual, and error-prone. 

Luckily, companies like Capitalize and Casabase have built their firms to help address the difficulty of working with complex data and streamlining complex processes! 

This blog is part of a series dedicated to one of the first steps in that process: Oracle connectivity. Do you have Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP? Do you have BI Publisher reports within Oracle Fusion? If so, read on! Those dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of BI Publisher reports still might be exceptionally important to your organization. But they are hard to access, and most organizations are trying to coax their users away from BI Publisher and standardize on more modern Business Intelligence applications like Power BI and Tableau.  

Capitalize has partnered with an amazing solution that promises to make this transition a whole lot easier – Casabase ExoInsight.  

The Casabase ExoInsight Advantage 

Amidst the myriad of solutions available in the market, Casabase ExoInsight stands apart, enabling incredibly smooth integration between Oracle BI Publisher and Power BI. All Fusion Cloud ERP modules are supported: Oracle Financials Cloud (FIN), Oracle Procurement Cloud (PRC), Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (HCM), Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud (SCM), Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud (PPM), and Oracle Sales/CRM Cloud (CRM). 


How does ExoInsight work? 

  • User-Friendly Connectivity: ExoInsight establishes a seamless connection to Oracle BI Publisher using standard Oracle APIs, allowing a business user to navigate through the library of BI Publisher reports and select whatever BI Publisher report contains the requisite data.  
  • Prompt Selection: In that same user interface, users can select start dates, end dates, cost centers, or any other prompt values required for the BI Publisher report to run.  
  • Flexible Downstream Options: BI Publisher will run its query. Its data will be returned to ExoInsight. But after that, you have options. You can emit the data to Alteryx, to Power BI, to Tableau, to any database, or to other endpoints, depending on your business needs.  
  • See it in action! The video below gives a quick demo of this integration in action. Pay attention to the ease of use and the richness of the Power BI integration and see if this solution may be a fit for your organization. 

The Impact on Decision-Making 

The integration of Oracle BI Publisher reports and Power BI through Casabase ExoInsight is incredibly important to many organizations. Here’s how: 

  • Time to Insight: You know your BI Publisher reports. You trust your BI Publisher reports. Because none of those underpinnings are changing, you can get users to Power BI very quickly.  
  • Trust: Some of the queries in BI Publisher are extremely complex. Reproducing them in another BI tool would be costly. This ExoInsight integration pattern removes any question about trust or data veracity. Oracle is still executing the queries as usual, so data quality assurance can be greatly accelerated.  
  • Access to all of Fusion: BI Publisher allows for custom SQL to be executed on any table in the Fusion ERD. Oracle’s Fusion REST APIs are great, but they cannot claim to cover every table in the platform. Only BI Publisher allows that. Therefore, using ExoInsight to retrieve data in this manner may be the only way to access some of that data.  


In Conclusion 

The integration of Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP’s BI Publisher reports with Power BI using Casabase ExoInsight technology allows Oracle customers flexibility they may not have realized was available to them. As we navigate through this blog series, we will delve deeper into the technical aspects of many Oracle integration patterns, highlight real-world examples, and provide insights into maximizing the benefits of ExoInsight plus Oracle. We will touch on other Oracle applications like Essbase, Hyperion Financial Management, Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS), Oracle Financial Consolidation and Cloud Service (FCCS), Oracle Profitability and Cost Management (PCMCS), Oracle EPM Cloud Tax Reporting, and Oracle EPM Cloud Freeform. Stay tuned, as we unravel the complexity of Oracle connectivity, powered by Capitalize Analytics, and Casabase ExoInsight.