UiPath Alteryx Integration Through Alteryx Activities Package

UiPath is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that allows users to configure a “robot” to copy and integrate human actions to execute manual, repetitive digital processes. UiPath provides easy, drag-and-drop interface to automate the steps of capturing data and manipulating applications – without making mistakes and at a fraction of cost and time. From business users to IT developers, UiPath Alteryx integration can create an accessible platform for anyone to create automated processes.

UiPath Features

The robots in UiPath can copy most, if not all, human digital interactions.

According to UiPath, RPA robots can be configured to perform the following list of actions:

Logging into applications

UiPath can imitate keyboard and mouse actions to log in to a designated website given the username and passcode. UiPath provides many ways to protect sensitive information in the workflow.

Moving files and folders

Files and folders can be located by a robot through given directories.

Connecting to APIs

UiPath allows for robots to access specific features or data from an application or operating system through an HTTP request.

Copy and pasting data from the Web

If APIs are unavailable to access data, manually copying information from a search can solve the problem. UiPath RPA allows the robot to search a designated web, scrape the information from a given position, and enter the information to wherever necessary. The robot can emulate complex web-scraping skills such as extracting data that spans multiple pages, filtering and transforming the data to the desirable format before using the data.

Extracting and processing documents, PDFs, e-mails, and forms

From highly structured documents like contracts to unstructured documents such as emails, AI-Powered UiPath robots can extract and understand data for document processing.

Reading and writing to databases

UiPath can easily access and write to databases by creating connections to Microsoft Access

Database, OLE, ODBC, and SQL Server.

Opening emails and attachments

UiPath allows email activities such as saving mail messages, attachments, deleting mail messages, and sending mail messages, automating any mail-related tasks.

Making calculations

UiPath interacts with .NET commands to allow users to make calculations. From math operators to .NET functions, UiPath offers a variety of ways to interact with data variables.

Through combinations of the above list of applications, RPA robots can automate tedious but necessary procedures, which results in more time for the organization’s creative and productive work!

Alteryx and UiPath Integration

Recently, UiPath has included the Alteryx package into their RPA system, allowing users of UiPath to connect to Alteryx Server through Alteryx Server’s API. The Alteryx Application Scope provides a container to hold all the other Alteryx-related applications and connects to the Alteryx Server’s API easily. There are eight activities included with this package.

Figure 0-1 Configuration of Alteryx Scope in UiPath which allows connection to Alteryx Server

After creating a successful connection with Alteryx Server, UiPath can automate running a job, getting information about a specific app, jobs, or workflows based on their ID’s, which automates Analytic Process Automation (APA) integration for business purposes.


Consider a Finance & Administration department such as Accounts Payable, who matches invoices to corresponding purchase orders. It is difficult to keep up with the complex process of matching data from different sources, which is error prone as more invoices are introduced. UiPath RPA system can be configured once to log in with proper credentials to access ERP systems with purchase orders, invoices, and order information from different sources and compile them into workable data.

UiPath can easily access files, applications, and data, but has limited data cleansing and analytic capabilities. This functionality gap is filled by Alteryx. After compiling the data, a robot can automate running the workflow or job in Alteryx to clean the data and create analysis that will provide insights on the Accounts Payable processes. Within Alteryx or UiPath, e-mail notifications can be sent out to responsible groups or parties. After it configures a streamlined process, UiPath can be automated to run daily. Depending on the simplicity of the workflow, the bots can run unattended or alongside a human user who would make more complex decisions.

UiPath RPA and Alteryx APA collaboration enables businesses to construct a cohesive, easy-to-build automatic workflow to ease the burden of manual and repetitive processes. Integrating robotic and analytic automating systems revolutionizes the practices of exploring, cleaning, and combining data to be utilized for forecasting and visualizing data. With the help of both platforms, businesses can make fast, informative decisions while the robots successfully conduct repetitive, monotonous work.