Automation for Utility Industry: Using Alteryx and UiPath to Unlock Efficiency

On Demand

We will explore how best-in-class organizations across the utility sector use automation to optimize processes and operations, from generation and transmission to customer service and back office support. Learn how automation reduces costs, improves customer satisfaction, and increases operational efficiency throughout accounting, finance, operations, and more. We will also discuss potential challenges that come with implementing automation in the utility industry and explore ways to overcome them. 

Christine Treisa, Oklahoma Gas & Electric’s Automation Program Lead,  joins us to share insights on their automation journey, the automation technologies that have been most beneficial to them, and real-world examples of how they have leveraged both Alteryx and UiPath to drive results. 

We’ll showcase successful implementations of Alteryx and UiPath for: 

  • Driving energy generation with seasonal demand forecasting 
  • Optimizing validation and verification in transmission and distribution 
  • Reducing manual processes for vegetation management and accounts payable 
  • Diminishing errors for accurate supply chain analysis 
  • Improving audit accuracy and customer engagement decisioning 

Pro tip: Skip ahead to the 46 minute mark to hear from Christine on Oklahoma Gas & Electric’s experience with Alteryx and UiPath.

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