Accelerating Month-End Close with Process Automation


Do you dread the month-end close processes within your company? Does your accounting team spend days, or even weeks, to complete reporting?

You aren’t alone! The challenge is that behind the scenes, hundreds of small processes are happening, and they are all lumped into the simple phrase “month-end close,” and this process can take 6+ days to complete each month. The best solutions for this challenge focus on process improvement and automation to complement the people involved in the process.

With a few simple automation tools, you can:

  • Begin automating the most mundane and repetitive tasks typically done in spreadsheets (allocations, calculating depreciation, or posting manual journal entries to the GL)
  • Streamline the process from requiring days/weeks to just minutes/hours without errors
  • Boost your team’s confidence that everything is accurate

In this webinar we’ll show you examples of how we’ve taken month-end close processes from weeks to hours. We’ll show specific cases of processes that once took many hours and how we’ve automated them to run on-demand. You’ll see complex 3rd party data retrieval, reconciliations, journal entries, and report/dashboards turned into simple button clicks.

If the month-end close is something that your organization wishes were better, faster, or easier, see what automation can do for you!