Alteryx and ChatGPT are Better Together!

ChatGPT can help you build your Alteryx formulas

In this video we'll show you how to build custom groupings by asking ChatGPT to write the formula syntax for you! You can just copy the code and paste it into the Alteryx formula tool! Pretty incredible!

Write RegEx for Alteryx with ChatGPT

In this video, we’ll show how you can use ChatGPT to build a RegEx formula to parse an address field.  

Use ChatGPT to parse address data in Alteryx

Are you tired of writing RegEx formulas? In this video, we’ll show how you can use our ChatGPT tool to parse text data with ease.

Build an Alteryx formula to convert codes to names using ChatGPT 

In this video, we have a dataset with a bunch of order method codes but we need to convert them to English names so users know what they are looking at. We’ll use ChatGPT to convert those codes using conditional logic in a formula tool. 

Explain and convert the SQL in Alteryx using ChatGPT 

In this example, we copy the SQL out of Alteryx and have ChatGPT explain what it does. We also convert the SQL from MS SQL to Oracle SQL.  

Explain complex code in Alteryx using ChatGPT 

Sometimes, you’ll run across R/Python/SQL code that you don’t fully understand or didn’t write and need a quick explanation of what it does. By copying the data into ChatGPT, you can quickly get a write-up explaining what’s happening.

Use ChatGPT to explain and find solutions for Alteryx warnings and error messages 

In this video, we’ll show you how to leverage ChatGPT to receive detailed explanations and recommendations on how to resolve errors and warning messages that come up in Alteryx. Troubleshooting made easy! 

Use ChatGPT to Convert R Code to Python

In this video, we’ll take some R code and see if ChatGPT can translate it into Python.

Alteryx is a powerful tool. With ChatGPT, your team is able to take some of the guesswork out of interfacing with Alteryx.

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