From Data to Dollars: Maximizing Sales and Marketing ROI with Auto Insights

On Demand

As a sales or marketing team leader, your daily activities are driven by metrics.  KPIs such as Conversion Rates, Sales Team Activity, Pipeline Metrics, Campaign Responses, and Forecasted Dollars inform your decisions and actions.

In a perfect world, all your critical KPIs would live in a single dashboard with actionable insights.  But even with your own dedicated analyst, creating the ideal dashboard would require a lot of time and skill to workshop and build.

Watch the video above to learn how sales and marketing leaders leverage generative AI to build reports that drive actionable insights and make smarter business decisions.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to leverage the GenAI in Alteryx Auto Insights to build the ideal dashboards and reports.
  • How to use Alteryx Auto Insights to forecast and drive pipeline successfully.
  • How to use GenAI to identify critical insights you may not have known you needed.