Drive your Automation Journey with Alteryx and Capitalize’s Office of Finance Blueprint

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Organizations are continually pushing their Office of Finance departments to be more efficient, do more with less, complete month-end close activities in fewer days, drive reporting and insights faster, and become the backbone for their organization to make data-driven decisions. That is all great in principle, but when faced with so much opportunity and so many options, clients tell us that it feels like an uphill battle to get started.

Capitalize has consolidated the expertise it has gained from supporting departments across the Office of Finance at over 1,000 organizations to formulate “Alteryx and Capitalize’s Office of Finance Blueprint.” In this webinar, we will discuss how we help hundreds of clients in departments like Accounting, Audit, Tax, and FP&A to:

  • Identify and prioritize use cases for automation that will have a tangible impact.
  • Understand and select the best technology based on your needs.
  • Integrate automation platforms into your organization’s existing technology ecosystem.
  • Build and maintain key automation processes.
  • Create an infrastructure where your business can easily govern, control, and audit your processes.

We are excited to have Russ Mills, Alteryx Field CFO, joining us to discuss his digital transformation journey and experience upskilling the Office of Finance with data analytics and automation. Russ is a finance & operations executive with over 30 years of digital transformation experience with two global Fortune 300 companies. He recently joined Alteryx to help companies build their vision and roadmap for digital transformation in the Office of Finance. 

Russ has been critical in helping organizations move their talented workforce “up the value chain.” The goal is to get them out of manual, tedious, and time-consuming data processes in Excel and allow them to focus on high-value analysis. Rather than spending 80 percent of your time gathering data and 20 percent analyzing it…Russ believes you need to flip that script! 

All teams can improve with automation technology. Whether saving time, reducing errors, avoiding increased headcount, or increasing employee satisfaction is your goal, automation can help. We will take a deep dive into three key use cases and review examples of Office of Finance processes before and after automation, including:

  • Month-End Account Reconciliations
  • State Income Tax Apportionment
  • Financial KPI Trend Analysis