Unlocking Your Oracle Data with ExoInsight and Alteryx

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Extracting data from Oracle ERP and EPM is one of the most difficult, costly, and time-consuming activities an organization regularly encounters.  

Many organizations have one or more teams dedicated to this task alone as it requires source-system knowledge, technical knowledge, and expensive ETL, integration, and audit tasks. Adding to the complexity is the need for regular coordination between teams that have different agendas and priorities. Organizations that do not have these skills in-house regularly need to hire outside consultants simply for the data extraction elements, adding yet another layer of complexity to the process. 

Pairing ExoInsight with Alteryx enables a complete end-to-end solution for any possible use-case for your Oracle EPM and ERP data!  

ExoInsight enables easy connectivity to Oracle EPM and ERP sources, and Alteryx enables users to do literally anything they need to with the data. Learn how using ExoInsight in conjunction with Alteryx allows one person to replace the work that has traditionally required multiple teams of people to accomplish and drastically reduce cost, risk, and time to completion.