Pairing Alteryx (APA) and UiPath (RPA) for Fully Automated Processes!

Thursday, October 8, 2020 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Central

Automation is taking the world by storm. We see it in every industry and every functional area within an organization. UiPath (RPA) and Alteryx (APA) allow departments across organizations to automate processes like:

  • Accounting month-end close processes
  • Purchasing supplier data gathering, analysis, and reordering
  • Tax reconciliations, trial balances, state apportionment, and regulatory filings
  • FP&A “real-time” forecasting
  • Audit to effectively implement continuous audits
  • HR to streamline onboarding and employee setup
  • Marketing data gathering, analysis, prediction, and data input for targeted outreach
  • Operations predictions and alerts for preventive maintenance before equipment failure
  • IT departmental tasks and enable automation within the business

If there is one thing we have found within our organization and across hundreds of clients, it’s that there is always room for continuous improvement. Automation and process re-engineering is a journey. Where one bottleneck is removed, a new opportunity to improve is created.

If you are spending time on manual tasks like logging into portals, downloading data sets, building reports, data entry, or crazy reconciliations, you need to consider automation tools.

Organizations and individuals who automate will outpace and outperform those who don’t.

During this webinar, we will discuss different approaches to automation and show live examples of how UiPath and Alteryx are making companies better and faster, and thus, more competitive.

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