Data technologies can be overwhelming. Join us on May 7th to see seven vendor solutions during a Technology Matters Marathon!

There are so many solutions focused on data challenges that it can be overwhelming to understand them all. Do you need:

  1. Self-Service?
  2. Data Visualization?
  3. Master Data Management?
  4. Data Governance?
  5. Data Cataloging?
  6. AI/ML?
  7. DataOps?

Capitalize is working with the team at “Great Data Minds,” to put together a program that helps you get a feel for many solutions, quickly. Think of it as speed dating with technology! Like regular speed dating but less awkward and arguably, nerdier. 😊

You are invited to sign up for any or all of the seven 26-minute sessions where experts will discuss:

  1. Alteryx, Thoughtspot, DataKitchen, Semarchy, Alation, Google Cloud AI, Dataiku
    1. What is the challenge the technology helps solve?
    2. Who uses the technologies?
    3. How can you take advantage of the technology if you have similar challenges?

Capitalize will speak about Alteryx at 8:00 am MT. Please join us and our counterparts as we dive into each of these valuable solutions!

Learn more and sign up at: Technology Matters Marathon or