Capitalize Analytics Announces Major Enhancements in Scheduling and Orchestrating Workflows for Workflow Admin Manager

Capitalize Analytics announced today two new features to their Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) platform: WAM Orchestration and Scheduler.

Power BI Finance Dashboard: Integrating Financial Data with Microsoft Power  BI

Data visualization is key for companies that want a better understanding of where their business currently stands and which areas could increase productivity to enhance efficiency and generate more pr...

Casabase Software and Capitalize Analytics Partner to Bring Clients Faster Access to Analytics with Oracle ERP and EPM

Capitalize Analytics announce partnership that enables clients access financial and business data stored in Oracle software.

Alteryx vs. Dataiku: Why is Alteryx the right choice for my organization?

This article explores the similarities and differences of Alteryx and Dataiku—ultimately highlighting the unique features of Alteryx that make it the preferred analytics platform for data-informed o...

Vendor Round-up: Comparing Alteryx, Tableau, and Power BI for Data Visualization and Data Wrangling 

Your data strategy is the foundation for reporting, data visualization, and analytics. 

Capitalize Consulting Announces Innovative New Solution for Gas Balancing

Capitalize Consulting has developed a new gas balancing platform, which offers substantial cost and time savings, and greater analytic capabilities for owners and operators.

Scaling Alteryx Server with User-Managed MongoDB

There are many advanced configurations available within Alteryx depending on the size and scale of the implementation. One important option for scaling, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery is user-...

Why do Power BI users need Dremio? It unlocks your data lake!

The purpose of this article is to highlight how Power BI users can benefit from Dremio and show its easy integration. Dremio is a SQL Lakehouse Platform that allows companies to run interactive analyt...

Capitalize Analytics Expands into Canada

Capitalize Analytics is growing its reach and client base, expanding into the Canadian market with market-leading data analytics and automation solutions.

Q&A: What is Alteryx Server?

Alteryx Server is a software offering that allows Alteryx Designer workflows to be published, scheduled, administered, secured, and monitored. It also provides a way for users to run and interact with workflows built by other users.