Capitalize Analytics Expands into Canada

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2022 — Capitalize Analytics is growing its reach and client base, expanding into the Canadian market with market-leading data analytics and automation solutions.

“The decision to expand into a new country is significant, and we’ve chosen to do so now because there is a genuine need in Canada for what we offer,” says Eric Soden, Managing Partner with Capitalize Analytics. “Canadian companies have a pressing need to streamline processes, to do more with less. We’ve been able to provide input to a growing number of Canadian companies as a trusted advisor, helping them identify opportunities to automate processes, and empowering staff with technology tools to extract better answers from their data.”

Capitalize Analytics is already active in Canada, engaging with companies in provinces across the country. Their clients represent a wide variety of industries including telecommunications, insurance, and professional services. Naturally, Capitalize also brings its depth of experience and expertise in the oil and gas industry to bear in its work with companies in the robust Canadian energy sector.

“We’re really focusing on our ability to help companies grow efficiently, and tools like AlteryxUiPath, and Tableau help us do that,” says Soden. “Processes that were sufficient several years ago can’t scale with growth or acquisitions without tripling the number of staff. When we’re able to help our client cut the time spent on these processes so significantly – sometimes from ten hours down to ten minutes, eliminating a lot of manual intervention – growth doesn’t necessarily mean hiring more people in the back office.”

Capitalize Analytics sees Canada as a growing market, in which companies are open to new ideas, and require the expertise they offer. They are excited about their expansion into this market, representing the next stage in the company’s evolution.

Capitalize Analytics
Capitalize Analytics helps organizations implement software, automate processes, and analyze data. Their team brings decades of experience to every project as they work with best-in-class technology vendors, like Alteryx, UiPath, Tableau, Snowflake, ABBYY, Workday Adaptive, and others. Their clients can be found coast to coast in the US and Canada. Capitalize Analytics works with small startups and some of the largest companies in the world to increase their efficiency using data automation technology. Their offerings can help every functional area including Accounting, Tax, FP&A, Audit, HR, Marketing, Operations, and any group that is struggling with data or manual processes. Contact for more information.